Danyluk: I demand the resignation of Lutsenko

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk has demanded to dismiss Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko. Statement by the Minister was published on the page in Facebook.

«We welcome yesterday’s positive decision of the London court to freeze assets of the former owners of «PrivatBank» prior to the adoption of decisions on the merits. But it managed to do not with the support of the Prosecutor’s office – as it was meant to be, and despite direct attempts by the Prosecutor General to stop the process,» he said.

Danyluk said that the case of «PrivatBank» – is «a litmus test of the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.»

«Today, the state has spent almost 140 billion UAH for additional capitalization of «PrivatBank» due to the fact that previously he had withdrawn the money or granted under-secured loans, which no one returns. It is the money of every citizen, every taxpayer, and they must be returned to the state budget. Here unofficial arrangements and inaction of law enforcement bodies», – wrote the Minister.

He said that the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine is delaying the investigation of cases concerning actions of the former managers and owners of «PrivatBank».

«Thus, the state «PrivatBank» was initiated by the excitation of five criminal cases so far investigated by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, in particular regarding bringing the Bank to insolvency, illegal withdrawal of various ways of funds from the Bank, improper use of confidential information from the servers of the Bank. However, none of these cases to date has not been submitted to the court as pre-trial investigation in these industries are moving very slowly, and some cases of the investigative actions generally are not conducted», – said danyluk.

He also accused the Prosecutor in the opening and «active promotion» of the proceedings against incumbent officials of «PrivatBank», the Ministry of Finance and the national Bank of Ukraine.

Danyluk added that the Prosecutor General’s office opens and is actively engaged in criminal proceedings regarding the involvement of «PrivatBank» of advisors who are engaged in documenting the extent and schemes of illegal withdrawal of funds from the Bank’s former owners and management.

He noted that led only a few examples.

«In the context of this «accidental» meeting in Amsterdam Yuriy Lutsenko, Igor Kolomoisky (one of the former owners of «PrivatBank». – «GORDON») just before the trial in London raises even more questions», – said the Minister.

Danyluk said that the attorney General «discredited attacks on new anti-corruption bodies and the inability to bring to the court important for the country business.» The Minister noted that Lutsenko discreditied before the Ukrainian people and the international partners of the President and the Parliament.

«I demand the resignation of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko», – said danyluk.


Danyluk: I demand the resignation of Lutsenko 21.12.2017

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