Danyluk: Gaming office every step of the way – they are more than pharmacies

Ukraine needs to adopt a comprehensive law on gambling. The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk said in an interview to Agency «Interfax-Ukraine», which was published on 30 March.

«The governmental bill is lying in Parliament for two years – and no one’s even going to consider it. Lobbying groups do not provide. Because it is profitable to make billions with almost nothing to pay to the budget», – he explained.

According to danyluk, Ukraine «gaming office every step of the way – they are more than pharmacies».

«We demand the regulation of this activity because gambling games have a negative social effect. Therefore, it is important this market is to streamline and make civilized», – said the Minister.

According to experts, said danyluk, from the legalization of all gambling on social security, health support, sport and culture the state may, in addition to about 5 billion UAH annually.

«The money from legalization already budgeted for this year, and we need to formalize this sector. Like it or not, and to pay taxes on the earned money you need. Already there ordering articles and stories that advocate the preservation of the current situation. It’s understandable – people are fighting for their money. And we are fighting for full budget and basic law and order,» – concluded the official.

Activities, casino and sports betting is prohibited in Ukraine since the summer of 2009. While four statements: «M. S. L.», «Patriot», UNL and the state «Oschadbank» have the right to organize lotteries.

In 2017 the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has developed licensing conditions for operators of lotteries and submitted them to the Cabinet of Ministers, but in February 2018, a number of provisions of the document criticized the anti-monopoly Committee.

The market situation is complicated by the fact that two operators of lotteries: «M. S. L.» and «Patriot» included in the sanctions list, wrote «Business capital». According to the analysis of publication, to bring the market out of the shadows can only be a state monopoly on the organization of lotteries.

Danyluk: Gaming office every step of the way – they are more than pharmacies 31.03.2018

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