Danyluk expects that in 2018 the subsidies stop 55 billion UAH

In 2018 the subsidies should be enough for a 55 billion envisaged in the draft budget for next year, said Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in an interview ZN.UA.

He added that this year the government plans to keep within the money they already have: «We have allocated additional funds, approximately 14 billion And planned to fit in the allocated amount.»

According to danyluk, already prepared a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers developed by the Ministry of Finance, which introduces the monetization of subsidies on the level of utility companies.

«Planned to do before the start of the heating season, but we took the time to coordinate this step with the other ministries. Because this is a serious, revolutionary change,» he said.

The Cabinet of Ministers planned in the state budget for 2017 to spend 51 billion UAH for the payment of subsidies and privileges on payment of housing services. The budget for 2016 provided for the payment of benefits and subsidies in the amount of 40.3 billion UAH.

As of February 2, 2017, subsidies for utilities, 7.4 million of Ukrainian households.

In July, the Ministry said that 48% of citizens eligible for subsidies that have applied for the monetization of benefits.

Danyluk expects that in 2018 the subsidies stop 55 billion UAH 30.09.2017

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