Danyluk: 70% of all non-performing loans concentrated in state-owned banks

Most non-performing loans concentrated in state-owned banks of Ukraine, said Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in an interview ZN.UA.

«The Finance Ministry is now after the nationalization of «PrivatBank», is the owner of 55% of the banking system. Therefore, the restoration of credit – also our task. I would like to state banks became a model for others. What do you need? Well, first, I have to admit an obvious problem: most of the non-performing loans in the portfolios of state banks. They formed the reserves, and this resource could be used for new lending. Secondly, we should strengthen the protection of creditor rights. Now 70% of all non-performing loans concentrated in state-owned banks, and this is a very serious problem, whose solution is a prerequisite for the resumption of lending,» he said.

According to danyluk, there are several solutions to this problem.

«Now we make the corresponding project with the participation of Japanese advisers who help us to perform the 50 largest NPL borrowers (NPL stands for «non-performing loan», in translation from English – «non-performing loan». – «GORDON») of each state Bank. We are faced with a very serious resistance. Many are satisfied with how it turned out, the status quo,» he added.

According to him, every effort is made to Japanese consultants «went to banks», analysed the situation, drew conclusions, told about his vision of solving problems.

«Our Japanese colleagues, especially the team, which we are now engaged, have a huge experience on this problem, and they really can help. And these experts officially invited by the Ukrainian government», – said danyluk.

The Minister stressed that several business groups in the past years «frankly parasitize on the state banks of Ukraine».

As of March 2016 in Ukraine, there were seven state-owned banks. In December last year, they added the «PrivatBank».

According to the NBU, in Ukraine as of 1 September, a 88 banks.

Danyluk: 70% of all non-performing loans concentrated in state-owned banks 30.09.2017

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