Danko said that he cheated on the program Shepeleva «actually»

Russian singer Danko stated that the program «actually», which is on the «First channel» leading Dmitry Shepelev, has not fulfilled a promise to help his sick daughter. About Danko said in an interview to «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

As explained singer, he came to the project with the condition that the broadcast will announce a fundraiser to help his three year old daughter with a disability Agatha, but this did not happen.

After the filming of the project, the singer explained that, as previously on «the First channel» has collected money for treatment of wife Shepeleva, a cancer patient singer Zhanna Friske, the management decided not to announce the fundraiser.

The civil spouse of the singer Natalia paid a certain amount, which was enough for the trip with her daughter to Anapa with the goal of rehabilitation.

Danko also said that the project spoke previously proposed by the editors of the text.

The daughter of singer Agata was born with cerebral palsy. He also has a 13-year-old daughter Sonia.

Danko said that he cheated on the program Shepeleva «actually» 03.08.2017

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