Damascus announced the termination of the truce in Syria. Near Aleppo shelled the convoy

The Supreme command of the Syrian army told the news Agency SANA, that it will no longer comply with announced on September 12, on the basis of the Russian-American agreements, the cessation of hostilities (CBD), as insurgent and terrorist groups it allegedly does not comply.

The UN has said on numerous victims in the shelling of a humanitarian convoy in Syria

«It was assumed that CBD will give a real chance to stop the bloodshed, but the terrorist group ignored the agreement without fulfilling any of his points, and broke the «regime of silence» over 300 times. Gangs used CBD to regroup and rearm to continue the attacks on peaceful residential areas and military positions, to prepare large-scale terrorist attacks, mainly in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Quneitra,» — said in the message of the Syrian army.

Earlier, the Russian General staff, said about the failure of the United States for its part of the agreements on Syria and laid on Washington full responsibility for the failure of the truce. The arrangement details unknown, September 17, Russian President Putin explained this by the fact that the States can not determine the division of the Syrian opposition. The General staff said that Russia and Syria to observe the cease-fire completely.

Washington, despite the statement of the Supreme command of the Syrian army, hoping to extend the truce.

In turn, the command of the army of Syria said that government forces repelled a massive attack of militants in the South-West of Aleppo on the night of Tuesday, September 20, Reuters reports, citing Syrian state media reports NEWSru.com.

The militants attacked a military complex near the area Ramosaj that the Syrian army and its allies recaptured earlier this month.

We will remind, on September 10, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry during talks that lasted more than 14 hours, agreed on a package of measures on Syria. One of the agreements was the armistice of September 12.

September 18 aircraft of the international coalition headed by the USA attacked Syrian army positions near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian army said that the airstrike of the coalition forces on the offices of the Syrian government troops killed more than 60 soldiers, more than 100 were injured. The representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov said that the four coalition aircraft — two F-16 and two A-10 that caused the attacks on Syrian troops, entered the air space of Syria from the Iraqi border.

The UN has said on numerous victims in the shelling of a humanitarian convoy in Syria

In Syria fired on a convoy of humanitarian assistance joint United Nations and Syrian red Crescent society, the Agency reports Reuters with reference to the press-Secretary of the UN Stefan Dujarric. The press service of the UN reported that the organization on Monday has sent humanitarian aid in two villages of the provinces of Aleppo and HOMS for more than 160 thousand people. According to the UN, attacks on 18 of 31 trucks. The incident occurred near Urum al-Kubra, North-West of the city of Aleppo.

According to the London-based Syrian Supervisory Board for human rights (SOHR), referenced by the Associated Press, as a result of shelling killed 12 people.

During the shelling of a humanitarian convoy to deliver assistance to the Syrian province of Aleppo, «many died», in turn, said Deputy UN Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs Stephen O’brien.

«Initial reports indicate that many people were killed or seriously injured, including volunteers from the Syrian Arab red Crescent, as a result of these sickening attacks,» — said in a statement, O’brien (quoted by RIA «Novosti»). It is also noted that under fire hit a warehouse and hospital by the Syrian red Crescent.

«I strongly condemn what happened in Urum al-Kubra,» the statement says O’brien, who also noted that all parties were informed of this humanitarian convoy.

In addition, the Deputy Secretary General of the UN said about the possibility to recognize the attack as a war crime, if proven that it was aimed at humanitarian workers.

The U.S. government has expressed outrage at the shelling of a humanitarian convoy of the United Nations in Syria. State Department spokesman John Kirby said that the route of the convoy was known to the Syrian authorities and Russia. According to Kirby, the United States may review the prospects of cooperation with Russia on Syria, «given the flagrant violations of the cease-fire.»

As noted by the representative of the state Department, more than a week, the US has urged Moscow to fulfill its commitments made in Geneva, to facilitate the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. However, all this time, the Syrian regime has repeatedly denied entry to the convoys of the UN. According to Kerry, just before it was granted permission to some columns. Thus, the route of this convoy was known to the Syrian regime and Russia.

The representative of the American administration, according to TASS, reported that, according to the USA, a humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian red Crescent society in the province of Aleppo was subjected to artillery fire, as stated previously, and strike. He airstrike in the Washington administration has called «outrageous attack on individuals not taking part in the military conflict».

Damascus announced the termination of the truce in Syria. Near Aleppo shelled the convoy 20.09.2016

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