Damascus agreed to a ceasefire

The Syrian government accepted the terms of an armistice agreed to on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama. The agreement shall enter into force on the night of 27 February, at 12 o’clock.

During the negotiation of Russia insisted on its right to carry out air strikes on groups of the «Islamic state» and «dzhebhat EN-Nusra» and other terrorist organizations recognized as such by the UN security Council. The statement also emphasizes Damascus that the Syrian troops will continue to fight terrorists, reports Reuters. These actions will be coordinated with Russia.

During talks with Putin, Obama emphasized the need to achieve a positive response from the Syrian regime and the armed opposition.

Under the terms of the armistice, Russian and American military jointly determine on the maps areas where there are groups against which «military operations of the Armed forces of the SAR, the Russian Armed forces and the US-led coalition will not be conducted». The Russian President added that «the opposition, in turn, would stop fighting against the Armed forces of Syria and the factions that support them».

«After the coordinator of the High Committee of Riyad Hijab has received the results of the negotiations of opposition groups from all fronts, we agree to respond positively to international efforts to reach a truce», — reads the statement of the Committee.

At the same time, the opposition has put forward a number of demands: the lifting of the siege, the freedom prisoners in the prisons of the opposition, the cessation of bombing civilians and delivery of humanitarian assistance, transfers RBC Ukraine.

At the same time, Riyad Hijab said he does not have high hopes that the Syrian regime and «strangers» «you are ready to stop their hostile actions.»

Earlier, the representative of the «Syrian free army» has questioned the performance of Assad to the agreement on a ceasefire. In an interview with Reuters, he stated that it has clauses that will allow the army to continue military action. He pointed out that in accordance with the agreement, Assad’s forces and their opponents have the right to «proportional use of force».

Damascus agreed to a ceasefire 23.02.2016

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