Dam in Iraqi city of Mosul under threat of collapse

Dam in Iraqi city of Mosul under threat of destruction. Such data military engineers, the U.S. announced the Iraqi Parliament, reports Radio «Freedom».

According to experts, a dam threatens millions of people living downstream of the river Tigris.

The problems with maintenance of the dam, which arose, in particular, and due to short fall of Mosul in 2014, the group «Islamic state», added to the constructive shortcomings of the property, built on an unstable basis.

«All collected in the past year, the information shows that the dam in Mosul significantly higher risk of fracture than initially intended. Now this risk is higher than it was a year ago,» according to the study of the Engineering corps of the U.S. army.

Note, built in 1984, the dam, the Iraqi government has constantly strengthened by adding cement in the cavity, which arose due to pressure. Grouting in recent years is not as often as necessary because the group «Islamic state» controls a plant which produces concrete for the dam.

Earlier it was reported that Iraq must 1.56 billion dollars in 2016 to cope with the consequences of the humanitarian crisis caused by the war with the terrorist group «Islamic state».

Dam in Iraqi city of Mosul under threat of collapse 10.02.2016

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