«Croat» was headed by the headquarters of the DUK «Right sector»

The commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps «Right sector» Andrew Stanecki («Flyer») has appointed a new chief of staff AQL PS, reports «Dzerkalo Kolami».

In accordance with order No. 37/16 2 August 2016, with the aim of effective management of all departments and agencies of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps «Right sector», the commander of the DUK PS each «Flyer» was appointed chief of staff of the AQL PS friend «Croat».

Basil Malkovich (each a «Croat») was born in the village of Banya Bereziv that Cousine.

From his youth he took an active part in the activities of the all-Ukrainian organization «Trident» name of Stepan Bandera, which is in front of the «Right sector» was officially headed by Dmitry Yarosh.

Was one of the commanders of the Right sector during the revolution of Dignity. Head unit «Zagrava».

After Euromayday participated in the creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps.

In the combat zone from June 2014. Commanded 5 Separate battalion DUK. Under his command the soldiers «Right sector» participated in the liberation of Karlovka and Sands. At the end of August 2014 have received numerous shrapnel wounds.

After treatment, assumed command of 13th reserve battalion DUK (Kiev). On this commanding position was near the year, particularly during the civil commodity of the siege the Russians occupied the Crimea. The Ukrainian part of the blockade then coordinated a «Croat» and held currently in Kyiv SIZO SBU battalion «Crimea» Stanislav Krasnov («shingle»), from the Crimean Tatar — Lenur islyamov.

In September 2015 he was transferred to the subordinate Corps headquarters.

Malkovich is one of five fighters participating in the fights at the tourist camp «Hata magnata» (Dragobrat).

Then, his unit had clashed with the guards of the recreation complex. Two employees of the institution was in the hospital in serious condition. In fact the fight was opened criminal proceedings as regards 4 articles 296 (hooliganism) and part 1 article 263 (illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

At trial, «Croatian» had described his actions and behavior four subordinates as «the usual «domestics». «It was the third and final day of our Christmas vacation. We went to eat. Please do not politicize this thing, it was the usual «domestics» — told his version suspect.

On 18 February he was taken on bail of people’s deputies. «Croatia» has released from-under guards directly in a court hall.

«Croat» was headed by the headquarters of the DUK «Right sector» 04.08.2016

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