Critics of Chavez launched in Latin America to show «El Comandante» on his life

The revolution will now be televised live. So, the Star Tribune reported the launch in Latin America broadcast the series on the life and beliefs of the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, writes

The series is filmed in Spanish by Sony Pictures Television and was called «El Comandante». After the show in Latin America will start broadcasting on the territory of the United States.

The authors of «El Comandante» is going for 60 series to see how comes from a poor village, came to power in the country and how his authoritarianism laid the Foundation for the current economic plight in Venezuela.

«There are two things that nobody can dispute, regardless of ideology. First, Chavez was incredibly charismatic politician who seduced people around the world. And the second, Venezuela is now experiencing a serious crisis. And it is difficult to argue that the current tragedy has nothing to do with Hugo Chavez,» says former Venezuelan Minister Moises Naim, who now lives in Washington.

Fans of Chavez, proving his unwavering support of his policies indicate the reduction of inequality and poverty that have been observed in Venezuela since he came to power in 1999, and of death from cancer 14 years later. Critics argue that Chavez was a populist who destroyed the once thriving economy of the country with their mismanagement.

At Sony Pictures say that «El Comandante» is a work of fiction with a high content of romance, espionage, betrayal and heroism. The role of Chavez entrusted the three actors who portrayed the main character a kid, a teenager and an adult, says the BBC.

Mature Hugo Chavez plays a Colombian actor andrés Parra, who is known for the role of Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar in the TV series «Boss of evil».

The Chavez successor President Nicolas Maduro criticized the «El Comandante» almost to the premiere. He accused the creators of the series, does not hide his critical attitude to the hero, in the distortion of the facts. And the Minister of culture of Venezuela Adan Chavez, brother of the late President, on Sunday, January 29, announced the beginning of the Venezuelan-Colombian series called «True Chavez».

Critics of Chavez launched in Latin America to show «El Comandante» on his life 31.01.2017

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