Crimean «authorities» asking kerchan be reset on the monument to the invaders

In Russia annexed the Crimea local «authorities» hold charity fundraising for the installation of the monument «Polite people» – the soldiers and officers of the Russian army».

About it reports a press-service of administration of the city of Kerch, reports Kerch.FM. The event is held on the initiative of deputies «of the state Council of the Republic of Crimea».

«Thanks to the professional work of the «polite people» in a period of significant volcanic events in February – March 2014 in the streets keep the order. For the Crimeans, they have become the guarantor of peace and stability», — said the press service of the collaborators of the occupied city.

Money on the installation of the statue is asked to list in «Crimean regional organization of all-Russian public organization disabled war in Afghanistan and military trauma — «war Invalids»».

Judging by the comments to the post, the Kerch citizens reacted to this initiative with sarcasm:

Some in the artistic details of the execution of the troubled national monument the question: «why does the monument Slavic face ??? there were Chukchis»… what other reasonable commentator noted that «the monument to the Chukchi people on the promenade already is». But the topic is not exhausted: «in Kerch «Polite people» were the Buryat-looking…let the Buryats and collect…»

Other suggested for the perpetuation of more relevant themes: «Offer to raise money for a monument to «the holiday season». With the obligatory inscription: «Remember. Love. Mourn.» «From grateful Crimeans do not.»»… «Still it is necessary to erect in memory of the bulb,» show some initiative.

Someone in this issue quotes the characters of the famous movie: «And will not take — off the gas»… «But let’s not take the light we have already disabled» – there was another.

One commenter generally questioned the targeting of the image: «Actually, the guarantors of peace and stability was the Ukrainian soldiers and officers who were not conducted on provocation and attacks!!!»… «ATO!!!!!», — responded party to the conversation. «Put, put monuments. Then will be superfluous evidence,» concluded the reader.

Synopsis: Where did the «polite Horde»

Recall that the participation of Russian troops in the occupation of the Crimea the Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted a year after the RAID to seize the Peninsula. Prior to that, Russian troops were called «self-defence forces of Crimea». Putin said that the Russian soldiers did not participate in the annexation of Crimea. Subsequently, he not only admitted it, but also awarded «most distinguished» established in Russia on this occasion awards «for the capture of the Crimea».

After that, the term «polite people» began to benefit politicians and cultural figures of Russia. So, the head of Department of culture of the Russian defense Ministry Anton Gubankov has written the words of the hymn «friendly people», in addition, the Russian defense Ministry launched a line of clothing under the brand «Polite people». Also in the state Duma was introduced the bill establishing the October 7 new memorial date — Day «polite people» in memory of the members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, took an active part in the organization of pseudo-referendum in the Crimea annexed by Russia – at the same time and have any mA’am «polite people», or «little green men», or «we’re not there».

In fact, now these expressions are used by the top political leadership of Russia to explain military viole in other countries, but without a formal Declaration of war. That is, a denial with a subsequent recognition as a post-faktum.

By the way, to recognize the presence of Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine, Putin has taken almost two years.

Crimean «authorities» asking kerchan be reset on the monument to the invaders 19.02.2016

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