Creative producer of the Eurovision-2017 was Oleg Bondarchuk, the Director of «factory of stars» and «the Voice»

Team Eurovision-2017 enriched creative producer of the song contest. Now, along with show producer Stuart Barlow (Barlow Stuart) on the creative content of the ESC will work Oleg Bondarchuk, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

«For Eurovision-2017 prepare unique and modern Ukrainian world-class show. To this end, we have assembled a team of Ukrainian and foreign specialists who have extensive experience in producing a television show. Stuart Barlow for more than 20 years working in the media industry and involved in the organization of the Eurovision song contest in düsseldorf, Baku and malmö, Copenhagen and Vienna. Oleg Bondarchuk has been directed by the most popular Ukrainian show, such as «star Factory» and «the Voice». And last year he had incredible success with his staging of the project Amiga’s got talent in the United States. So show Eurovision 2017 is the result of collaboration of international and Ukrainian specialists,» — said the Executive producer of the Eurovision-2017 Victoria Romanova.

«And the next step in the preparations for the song contest will be the presentation of scene design. This event we plan to hold in February 2017,» she added.

«For me it’s an honor and I am very happy to work in a country so dynamic. In 2017, viewers will see the show, which has never happened before in Eurovision. They can look forward to a fantastically creative approach that will demonstrate the best achievements of Ukrainian art, culture and technology. Together with creative producer Oleg Bodnarchuk we develop these ideas to in may of next year show throughout Europe and the rest of the world with a variety of musical, artistic and stage solutions in Ukraine,» said Barlow.

«Today our country has all opportunities to surprise the world with its modern cultural and artistic potential. And we use the chance given to us by Eurovision to prove it. Its main mission as Director and creative producer spectacular part of the competition, I see compile traditional Ukrainian elements with the latest stage and virtual technologies, as well as the participation of leading Ukrainian artists, choreographers, composers, musicians, artists and other professionals of the entertainment industry to create a unique Ukrainian show — Eurovision-2017» — summed up the Director.

Earlier it was reported that the stage for the Ukrainian Eurovision will develop Florian Buckets — designer who designed them in Dusseldorf, Baku and Vienna.

«Eurovision» will be held in Kiev International exhibition centre on the Left Bank. The semifinal is scheduled for 9 and 11 may, the final on 13 may.

Creative producer of the Eurovision-2017 was Oleg Bondarchuk, the Director of «factory of stars» and «the Voice» 02.01.2017

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