CPW «Marinka» may be closed due to the increase in the number of attacks by militants

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov declares that after the closing because of attacks by fighters checkpoint in the area of N. p zaytsevo (Donetsk region) may be temporarily closed and CPW «Marinka».

According to the press service of the NSDC of Ukraine, on Wednesday, February 10, Turchinov visited the defensive lines of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the ATO zone that are exposed to number of attacks by militants, including visited defense positions of the AFU in the area of zaytsevo, Maori, as well as in the district of Donetsk airport, Experienced and mine «butovka».

During your stay in zaytsevo n he said that CPW «will be opened only after the cessation of shelling of this area». While the NSDC Secretary added that due to the significant increase in the number of attacks that can be closed and KPVW around n Marinka.

However, Turchynov stressed that the closure of crossing points – «not a method of punishment, as a form of protection of life of our citizens, who use them».

Being on CPW, he drew the attention of border guards and representatives of the security service of Ukraine «on the need to strengthen the quality of audits after the reopening of the checkpoint to prevent entry into the territory of Ukraine of representatives of subversive and terrorist groups».

There’s also the NSDC Secretary held a meeting with the head of Donetsk military-civil administration Paul Zebrowski, the regional management of the SBU, the National police and border guards, during which they discussed the problems of the Donetsk region and ways of their operational decisions.

According to the Zhebrivsky, the district reduced the flow of contraband goods, but fixed enhanced financial smuggling, «which is quite difficult to fight». In this context, the meeting discussed the question of the introduction of the Declaration transported through the line of demarcation of funds to block illegal importation of money on the uncontrolled territory to prevent the financing of terrorist groups.

The NSDC Secretary also held a meeting with the leadership of the antiterrorist operation with participation of representatives of the Ministry of defense and the General staff counter-aggression by the occupation forces of the Russian Federation.

The decision to close on February 3, KPW «zaytsevo» was made head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Paul Zhebrivsky after consultation with the head of a staff of anti-terrorist operation.

As reported, on Wednesday. On February 10, around 8:00 am Volkswagen Transporter minibus hit an explosive device at 600-700 meters from CPW «Marinka», Donetsk region. The minibus went from the «gray zone» and tried to overtake a line of cars on the roadside. Previously known that in the car there were 5 citizens. Three of them died on the spot, one was seriously injured and died in hospital Kurakhovo.

Upon detonation of the Volkswagen passenger minibus near a checkpoint in the Maryinsky region of Donetsk region initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 St. 115 Criminal code of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

CPW «Marinka» may be closed due to the increase in the number of attacks by militants 10.02.2016

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