«Court» over Chigusa: witnesses do not know their testimony, and video footage disproves allegations

Lawyers «case on 26 February,» expressed doubt that the evidence of the prosecution are not falsified during the investigation. This writes the Crimea.Realities.

During the meeting, controlled by the Russian Federation Central district court of Simferopol on 20 January, interrogated several witnesses whose testimony differed significantly from those they gave earlier during the preliminary investigation.

One of the witnesses, Nikolay Kozitsky, worked February 2014 by the head of Department of an operational mode of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea. 26 February, during a rally of the Crimean Tatars and Pro-Ukrainian activists outside the Verkhovna Rada, he was inside the room and watched what was happening on the street, from the Windows.

According to the witness, no clashes between Pro-Ukrainian activists and Pro-Russian activists of the party «Russian unity», which opposed the holding of the meeting, he had not seen. However, in his earlier testimony claimed that «radical demonstrators, who shouted «Allahu Akbar!», «Glory To Ukraine!» «Crimea is Ukraine!», moved from the fountain in the direction of supporters of party «Russian unity» and began to beat them».

«Is that my testimony?» — surprised the witness, after which the court checked whether the signature is a testimony.

Similar contradictions were discovered in the testimony of the chief specialist of the city administration Marina Shapovalova, who claimed that he had not issued statements on the meeting from a representative of the «Russian unity», and a message from the Assembly was received on the morning of February 26.

The investigator in her affidavit, wrote that the messages were accepted by the administration.

Deputy chief of police at the Krasnogorskiy district, Paul the Pig also made on 20 January as a witness. Police said that led a group of ten policemen who were protecting law and order during the rally, no offences were observed. In the previous affidavit States about the mass brawls that were allegedly between supporters of integrity of Ukraine and the «Russian unity».

«Today questioned four witnesses. After each interview was announced earlier testimony because of the many contradictions. They are really a lot, therefore, we, the lawyers and defendants, so many questions, how were these interrogation reports, how he signed, and for this reason lawyers even spoke about bringing to criminal liability of persons who gave and received the testimony, the lawyer said Eden Semelai.

Controlled by Russia, «judgment» in the case of the Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of Akhtem chigusa considered the prosecution material which actually refute the prosecution’s arguments. This was reported by the wife Chiygoza Elmira Ablyalimova in Facebook.

«In the viewed video lacks these victims and witnesses, the items they saw in the hands of Pro-Ukrainian protesters — picks, ax, spade handles and other items. Not be confirmed and indications about the use of gas. We viewed the video footage indicate the untruthfulness and inconsistency of the testimony previously interviewed victims and witnesses, and the inconsistency brought against Akhtem chigusa charges,» said Ablyalimova.

According to her, in one of the subjects was observed crush that occurred on the line of contact of two opposing rallies held at walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea on 26 February 2014.

«Moreover, the pressure was carried out on both sides, it was uncontrollable, chaotic, not once, were local and not widespread. Video (video over 40 minutes) also showed the noise level at the rally, in which it is impossible to hear someone shouting and statements,» — said the wife Chiygoza.

Earlier, the Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov claimed that «court» in the case Chiygoza evidence in the form of videos from the rally on 26 February 2014 refute the testimony of victims.

Previously also reported that the testimony of «victims» and «witnesses» deny the charges and the evidence in the form of photos from the rally on 26 February 2014.

As reported, Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz was detained in Simferopol in January 2015 for participating in a rally in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine before the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, which was held on 26 February 2014. The rally, in which supporters of Ukraine against Pro-Russian activists-including from the party «Russian unity», was held on the eve of the capture of the Crimea by the Russian military. In addition Chiygoza, in the case of «26 February» were arrested Ali Asanov and Mustafa degermendzhi.

In this case, «the case Chiygoza» Russian court is considering in separate proceedings.

In December 2016 the arrest Chiygoza extended until 8 April 2017.

«Court» over Chigusa: witnesses do not know their testimony, and video footage disproves allegations 25.01.2017

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