Cossack ataman of the dead Russians in Syria: the Bodies will be delivered after the election so as not to excite the public

The body of the deceased in Syria mercenary private military company «Wagner», Kaliningrad, Vladimir Loginov has still not issued relatives. This was reported by his widow Oksana Hirsute in an interview with «Real time».

51-year-old Loginov was a combat engineer, fought two military campaigns in Chechnya, has entered the local Cossacks, fought against Ukraine at the Donbass, and in October of 2017 went to Syria. On the death of the mercenary native found out February 9, through a day and a half after the defeat of the United States air force unit «vagnerova» in Syria.

«We understand that the body will be delivered after the election so as not to excite the public and damaging the image of serving a higher power, presidential candidate Vladimir Putin. This is a terrible situation,» – said the ataman of the Cossack movement in Kaliningrad region Eugene Labudin.

Hirsute raising two young daughters. According to her, she received confirmation of her husband’s death, 10 Feb. She said that the war in Ukraine the husband earned a penny with him to the end and not paid. However, according to the couple, the money was not for Loginov main motive, and he could not fight.

«We lived on a volcano always: he would go or not go? He was always ready to go. Here he was a man like this. He lives there. At first I did not understand, was strongly opposed, but then when he was in Syria, I understand. They are hard,» – said Hirsute.

She added that she did not know, as part of a PMCs fighting in Syria husband, but recently my wife called «Peter» of the organization, which was the formal employer of a mercenary, and has offered to transfer wages by proxy. That Vladimir had presumably killed the caller, according to the wife, did not know.

Former colleagues of a mercenary say that Labudin was «smart specialist».

«I knew him as a practice happened in 2014-15. If the rotation you are, what you sleep peacefully. He knows I go here, and do not go here, it’s all about stretch marks» – said a colleague of mercenary Igor Savkin.

Mercenary Dmitry Marthin said that Loginov know in absentia for Donbass.

«I participated in 2014 in the South-East of Ukraine in the fighting. With Vladimir we were familiar in absentia. The trouble happened, I was captured, he took an active part in exchange operations», – he explained.

8 February 2018, Reuters reported on the air strike of the coalition headed by the USA in Syria, which killed about 100 soldiers of the army of the allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to Bloomberg, killed 200 people.

CBS sources in the Pentagon reported that Syria were killed by «Russian mercenaries». Research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) believes that we are talking about the PMCs soldiers «Wagner», which operates in the mineral deposits in the Euphrates river valley.

The former «defense Minister» of the terrorist organization «DNR» Igor Girkin (Shooters) stated that reports of casualties in Syria are continuously changing in the direction of increase. «At the moment it is clear that the dead and wounded – real hundreds. A few hundred. The rest of the discordance. But the latest figures («not final», as reported) looks «beyond». Allegedly for a whopping 600 (644, to be precise – and it only killed)», he said.

The source of Kommersant said that the Russian mercenaries from PMCs the «Wagner» was fired on 7 February in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor by the forces of the international coalition during the attack on the refinery. According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, the operation involved about 600 mercenaries, killing 11 Russians.

On 15 February, the speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said that in Syria in an airstrike by the international coalition led by the US could have been killed five citizens of Russia. On 20 February the foreign Ministry of Russia said about the dead and dozens of wounded citizens of the Russian Federation in «the recent military conflict» in Syria.

Cossack ataman of the dead Russians in Syria: the Bodies will be delivered after the election so as not to excite the public 24.02.2018

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