Corruption in Ukraine can be eradicated by the example of Guatemala — expert

To overcome corruption in Ukraine in the conditions, when the system of courts and prosecutors deemed corrupt through and through, only creating a special institution which would have the characteristics of the international Tribunal.

This opinion on the pages of The influential publication Foreign Policy, said former employee of the U.S. Agency for international development USAID, who was involved in the management of economic reforms in the countries of the former USSR, Josh Cohen.

«Although the public continues to demand that the government really fighting corruption, representatives of the «old guard» in government and Parliament continue to fight the changes every step of the way. So what can you do in this situation? Surprisingly, the most useful for Ukraine an example could be small and far from Ukraine, the Central American country of Guatemala,» writes Cohen.

The expert drew attention to the experience of the International Commission against impunity in Guatemala (International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala).

This institution, created by joint efforts of the government and the UN, were given unique powers, and the government has actually given up some sovereign powers in order to enable CICIG real levers to effectively combat corruption.

As a result, CICIG from its inception in 2006, has investigated over 200 cases of corruption in the highest echelons of power and brought charges against 160 current and former officials.

Among the prosecuted business leaders, former generals, former Ministers of defence and interior, the former heads of the police, the former President and even the incumbent at the time President. President Otto Perez Molina has resigned, and in September he was nominated official accusations on the case of corruption in customs on 120 million dollars» — writes Cohen.

According to him, in Ukraine, the Agency should work with the mandate of at least 5 years, must be renewed automatically, except for the termination of powers of the Agency under special law.

The United States and Western donors must Fund the first 5 years of the organization’s work. This is $ 200 million.

«Not to have to rely on this, as Shokin, Ukrainian CICIG must be able independently to initiate criminal proceedings in addition to the mandate of their investigation. The Agency should be inferred beyond the Ukrainian judicial system, as the Ukrainian judge is totally corrupt,» writes Cohen.

According to the researcher, «imitating the example of Guatemala may be the only hope for a political future for an extremely unpopular President of Ukraine Poroshenko«.

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk proposed to create an International anti-corruption mission, which would be entitled to bring proceedings against Ukrainian officials and outside Ukraine.

We will note, Ukraine and it remains on the list of most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 142-nd place of 175 in the Transparency International rating.

Formerly head of the European Commission 2004-2014 Jose Manuel Barroso said that the solution to the problem of corruption must be a priority of the Ukrainian authorities, otherwise the confidence of the international partners will be lost. Among the key challenges he pointed to the reform of the Civil service in General and the State fiscal service, in particular, the return of the withdrawn assets, transfer pricing, the continuation of reforms in the energy sector.

We will remind, earlier statements about the involvement of politicians and officials to corrupt practices was made by the head of the Odessa regional state administration of Mikheil Saakashvili. In particular, they talked about that through the corruption schemes from Ukraine annually about 5 billion dollars, while SOEs lose about 120 billion UAH in the form of lost profits and profits.

Corruption in Ukraine can be eradicated by the example of Guatemala — expert 02.02.2016

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