Corriere della Sera. «The Ukrainian issue» is a battle for freedom

The murder on the Maidan in an impressive way similar to what happened in Budapest on 25 October 1956 on the area of Lajos Kossuth: and then unknown people fired from rooftops, killing dozens of people, says Federigo Argentieri in the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

«60 years ago, on the night of February 25, 1956, the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev made a sensational speech with the so-called secret report on the crimes of Stalin. Obviously, this was an incredible step that had important positive effects, writes the author. — Just think about the thaw, releasing millions of prisoners of the Gulag, about the impulse that got freedom of speech, and the hope, and would be, for a better life, originated in the Soviet Union».

This document had an impact on the Stalinist regimes in the satellite countries of the USSR led in the autumn to reform the changes in Poland and the Hungarian revolution, Khruschev, after long hesitation, decided to crush with tanks because it’s too far go beyond a «return to Lenin«, as mentioned in the secret report, said Argentieri.

In these days we celebrate another important anniversary: February 20, 2014 on Independence square in Kiev were shot and killed dozens of people. This fact is completed mostly peaceful stage that the Ukrainians called the Revolution of Dignity, and marked the beginning of a grueling and devastating conflict with Russia.

The shooting of protesters on 20 February on the Maidan fantastically similar to the execution on 25 October 1956 on Kossuth square: and then unknown people, obviously not related to the demonstrators, fired from rooftops, killing dozens of people, and this led to the fact that mainly the peace process was transformed into a popular armed uprising. The Kremlin’s reaction to the Maidan as it was 60 years ago, was «fascist putsch», «the conspiracy of the US and NATO», the author of this article.

The Ukrainian question, the article says, is much more difficult the Hungarian in 1956, but still it is a struggle for freedom: should clarify once and for all that the exposure of Russian imperialism is not an alternative but a Supplement to the errors made by the West. The difference is that these errors could then and now be freely discussed, but the discussion of war in Ukraine in Moscow may lead to what happened with Boris Nemtsov, who was killed in the street on February 27, 2015. Another anniversary that should be remembered, concludes the author.

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Corriere della Sera. «The Ukrainian issue» is a battle for freedom 22.02.2016

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