Consul of Ukraine in Jordan accused of bribery

The Ministry of foreign Affairs will conduct a thorough check of the facts about the alleged extortion on the part of the Consul of Ukraine in Jordan. About it reported in Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine.

«In connection with the advent of February 6, 2017 in the media about alleged misconduct on the part of the Consul of Ukraine in Jordan to issue visa to the Jordanian Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine conducts a thorough check of the facts disclosed,» – said in the message.

The Department also noted that «the test results will not keep itself waiting and will the public.»

Earlier in mass media appeared information that allegedly a student from Jordan to the Ukrainian Consulate demanded $1.5 million bribes.

Ukrainian writer and journalist Bohdan Logvinenko year ago, started the campaign #NoVisaToUkraine. Within it he talks about the difficulties that arise from travelers from around the world at the time of registration of visas to Ukraine, writes UNIAN.

At this time, the activist told a story of a native of Jordan. Ahmad Akil was in the Ukraine until the summer of 2014. Due to the tense situation in Dnipro, he decided to return home without completing training, but to come and continue the course to the dentist in the Ukraine, he banned the Ukrainian Consulate on three occasions, August, October 2016 and January 2017, so now he’s going to continue studies in Georgia, where a visa was given to him online for 4 days.

«One of the problems voiced by the official translator of the Consulate Ahmad, was the fact that on account of his 45 thousand dollars. She said she «had to show less.» The guy just showed that can pay any money for visa,» told the story of a student journalist.

Thrice Ahmad Akil pay for all visa fees, insurance and the documents that came out about$ 500 for one pitch. And three times was refused. The Consul Alex Sluka claimed that Ahmad problems with the security service and offered them «how» to solve it. When he asked what problems, even as he did through his lawyer in Ukraine is absurd, «a certificate of good conduct», the Consul could not answer, and in the refusal of the three pointed out – «insufficient evidence of purpose of stay».

One day he was called Consul with uncertain numbers (he recognised his voice) and said that the problem can be solved for$ 1500. Ahmad went to the Consulate, but was told that nobody called.

Ahmad was taken aback and appealed to the Jordanian and Ukrainian foreign Ministry, where he said that he can write the appeal which will consider the same Consul, and gave him a refusal.

And complained to the Jordan police a statement that he requires the money. The police found that the person, who carried out a call, is a Ukrainian, a neighbour of the Consul, but does not work in the Consulate.

«Ahmad is tired of fighting with Ukrainian corruption, he never paid bribes, and so did not get to continue education in Ukraine. But found out – got an invitation and visa to medical school in Georgia, where the money of foreign students is more necessary to the country, not diplomats, corrupt. Now Ukrainian visa he needs, so he’s not afraid to tell stories about the Ukrainian Consulate,» — said the journalist.

Logvinenko also released a video in which the student tells everything.

«All the documents, which says Ahmad, I received from him. Among them are, for example, the same certificate of good conduct and response of the Consular Department: «it is unfortunate that you do not display the phone from which you called and demanded 1500$, so you didn’t call, and refusal of you put for the answer from law enforcement bodies», — said the journalist.

Consul of Ukraine in Jordan accused of bribery 07.02.2017

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