Constitutional court of South Korea to check the legality of the impeachment of the President

Constitutional court of South Korea began on Thursday, December 22, for hearings on the establishment of the rule of procedure announced on December 9, the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye</b>. In particular, the court asked the President to report on the measures taken in April 2014 in connection with the crash in the Yellow sea ferry «Seval», according to with reference to Reuters.

Ban Ki-moon has hinted that he may apply for the post of President

Park Geun-Hye was temporarily removed from power after the National Assembly (Parliament) of South Korea called for launching the impeachment of the President. The trial will take at least 180 days. For the period a final decision on impeachment, Park Geun-Hye has previously transferred his powers to the Prime Minister Hwang Kyo Anu.

If the COP approves the impeachment, the Republic of Korea will be held early presidential elections. Officially the presidency of Park Geun-Hye was supposed to end in February 2017.

The reason for impeachment was a major scandal around friends President Choi sung-SIL, which used received influence for corrupt purposes. The Prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Korea has indicted 60-year-old Choi sung-SIL in November. In particular, it is suspected of fraud attempt with the purpose of transferring funds controlled by non-governmental funds in the company.

The charges in the case were also brought against two former aides to Park Geun-Hye, whom the consequence considers as accomplices. The trial of a friend of the President began in Seoul a few days ago. All charges Choi sung-SIL rejected.

Hearings in the constitutional court on the impeachment will be open. Part of the Park Geun-Hye in the meeting required by law is not. The President denies all the charges against her.

Ferry «Seval» sank on April 16 in the Yellow sea near Jindo island near the southwestern coast of the country. The crash killed 304 people. The crash investigation lasted more than five months. During the investigation, was arrested around 150 people.

As has established a consequence, one of the main causes of the collapse was the overload. It was also found that the ship was redesigned to increase capacity, which disrupted its stability. The investigation concluded that the tragedy resulted and uncoordinated actions of the crew.

The captain of the ferry Lee Zhong Juice in April 2015, received a life sentence. The other defendants were also sentenced to imprisonment. During the investigation accused the authorities that they ensured the safety of Maritime passenger transport.

Ban Ki-moon has hinted that he may apply for the post of President

Not yet known who will qualify for the post of President of South Korea, if the COP approves the impeachment, Park Geun-Hye. However, it seems that already there are the first candidates. So, UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday, December 20, he was ready after his resignation, to devote himself fully to his native country, the Agency Yonhap felt a hint that he may nominate his candidacy in the presidential election.

«If what I have learned and seen and felt for 10 years of my service as Secretary General of the UN, can contribute to the promotion of the Republic of Korea, I am ready to fully commit to it,» said ban Ki-moon during a meeting with South Korean journalists.

«I will not spare myself, if my knowledge is need for the country’s development, to improve the welfare and living standards of citizens», — said the Secretary General.

The press has long made a name ban Ki-moon to the list of potential participants of the presidential race, despite the fact that evidence from the policy has not been received, marks RIA «news».

Ban Ki-moon will abdicate the powers of the UN Secretary General in late 2016. After that, he intends to return to South Korea, where previously he held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs.

What political force will represent ban Ki-moon, if you will qualify for the presidency, is unclear. But the opposition popular party expressed interest in the candidacy of the Secretary General nominated by her.

Constitutional court of South Korea to check the legality of the impeachment of the President 22.12.2016

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