Condoleezza rice gave a lecture in Kiev, rejoice that you are not Liberia

In Kiev came to the 66th U.S. Secretary of state and the most powerful woman in the world according to «Forbes» for 2004-2005 Condoleezza rice, who arrived at the invitation of billionaire Victor Pinchuk. It is reported Strenia.

As is known, settled ex-Secretary of state in a five star hotel Intercontinental. In the event the charitable Foundation that was held at the Diplomatic Academy, rice with a delegation of 15 people came on foot. And at the end it was expecting a tuple Pinchuk.

Businessman seated guest in his armored BMW 7-series c today, the highest protection level B6/B7, which corresponds to EU standards. By the way, on the same car for 9.5 million USD goes another Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Note that the lecture of Condalisa rice were seen by the Minister of agrarian policy Alex Pavlenko and the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva. After the speech of American women they kissed goodbye.

Condoleezza rice delivered a public lecture on the theme «the Challenges of a changing world». In a speech former US Secretary of state talked about the development of Ukraine, in particular on the reforms.

ЛІГА.net selected key points from the speech of former Secretary of state of the United States.

Mutual responsibility of politicians and people

Your leaders daily needs to gain the trust of those they lead — it’s the nature of democracy. John F. Kennedy once said, «don’t ask the state, what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country». Yes, your power may disappoint you, and you will think that they can’t do anything. It is important to remember that politicians should work, but you can help build democracy in Ukraine.

On civil society

Civil society is primarily the responsibility of the strong to the weak. The willingness to help. Only then is born a democracy. Because democracy is so strong in the state, how strong the most unprotected member of society.

The compromises in politics

You cannot compromise your principles. It is impossible to negotiate and to compromise with those who is hostile to democracy in your country. But policy is often called the fundamental things that are actually merely a subject of political dialogue. For example, the question of taxation is not one of those who should be considered the principal.

About leadership

A leader is not a profession, and the ability to organize processes and to take responsibility for its participants. A true leader must set ourselves the goal of finding and nurturing new leaders — must find and develop the strengths in those for whom he became a leader.

About the future of global politics

I believe in the United Nations, however, there are very many States and too complex a decision-making mechanism. The future of effective regional groups and unions of States. The only caveat that they have to be consolidated on a voluntary basis.

About the future of the European Union

Recent financial crises have considerably weakened the EU, identified the problem areas — its members are too heterogeneous in their capacity. But despite all the problems, predict that the EU will avoid collapse, although the new United States of Europe it will not be never. I hope that the EU will remain the UK, since then the EU will be over the Atlantic, and, hence, more effective. The EU, despite internal contradictions, it is critical to retain a unified position on Russia

About the U.S. role in world politics

President George W. Bush did a great job for the sake of freedom and democracy in different countries around the world. I believe that the United States should continue to determine the political agenda in the world. And not because we are the best — it’s not, just look at our electoral debates, and due to the fact that the States are better at it objectively. Because as soon as the change of power in the White House under public pressure, the U.S. weakened its position in the middle East, weakened the military presence in Afganistane, the world quickly got Russia as an international aggressor, breaking the boundaries of independent States.

About the risks for the world if he wins Donald trump on the election of the President of the United States and his sympathy for Putin

The election campaign in the USA, as well as you do, often outrageous, but after coming to the Oval office the presidents of the United States forget about their sharp loud statements and promises in the elections. Because then the security services give a real picture of global risks, and there is no rhetoric. I assure you, whatever may be said trump, in case of its victory, the U.S. will maintain tense relations with Russia. Russia should remember that they do not have license to intimidate neighboring States, the revision of borders at its own discretion and the seizure of territory, as happened in Crimea.

In Crimea we received another long-term frozen conflict. Like Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Transnistria. Maybe someday we will solve them, you need to stay positive. Let me remind you, if the U.S. Secretary of state in the late 1940s, said that after 50 years the collapse of the Soviet Union, they would have been considered crazy. In politics impossible.


Due to economic sanctions and falling oil prices, the world community can effectively influence on Russia. I assure you that the U.S. sanctions with the Russians not taking off, as for the EU, I hope it too.

About the level of life in Ukraine

Anyone who believes that in Ukraine life is bad, you should go to Liberia where the level of living is much lower, and since everyone will be glad that he is Ukrainian.

On The Constitution

Real democracy is hard to create. It does not appear suddenly, but is built through a long and painstaking work. Institutional changes should be carried out in the framework of the Constitution. Frequent changes of the Constitution do not benefit development. The Constitution should be changed only when it becomes obvious bias towards one of the branches of government.

About the granting of arms of Ukraine

From the first days of the conflict in Ukraine I thought that you should assist with lethal weapons, however, our government has decided otherwise. In any case, we will strengthen the military power of NATO, which is an effective counterweight to Russian aggression. You should force to work the government in Ukraine for 25 years was three revolutions. Maybe it’s time to learn how to run the country?

Condoleezza rice gave a lecture in Kiev, rejoice that you are not Liberia 10.03.2016

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