Competitor-the Republican accused trump of having links with the mafia

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who is competing with Donald trump for the right to stand as a candidate for President, accused the billionaire of links with the mafia. This statement he made two days before the super Tuesday — the day of the primaries must pass immediately in 12 States.

«There were media reports of numerous business relations Donald with criminals, the mafia. It is likely that his tax returns would be more interesting than you might think», — quotes the statement of Cruz, The New York Post.

The event host Chuck Todd pointed out the speculative nature of the statement and asked the Senator whether he has any facts proving the relationship between Donald trump with a shady business.

In response, Cruz made reference to reports by ABC, CNN and other media about the relationship between trump with the company S&A Construction. It is headed by Tony «Fat» Salerno — gangster currently in prison. «This company is owned by two major crime families in new York. And this was reported in several media,» — said the politician.

«Fat» Salerno, the head of the crime family Genovese, Paul Castellano, the head of the family Gambino in new York, really in control of S&A Construction, it was set by Federal judge, reports The New York Post. This last summer it was reported that the company participated in the construction of condominiums in Manhattan with the participation of Trump Plaza. This information resulted, in particular, Wayne Barrett, a journalist who wrote an unofficial biography of trump.

Participating in the presidential race in 2012 Republican MITT Romney called the statement of Cruz against trump’s» exploding bomb» and suggested that «billionaire terrified.»

The trump Thursday, February 28, announced that he will not disclose his tax returns prior to the completion of the audit. However, he assured that he has nothing to hide.

Thus, notes NBC News, Ted Cruz has published only two pages of their own tax returns, but not a complete accounting report, tracing the sources of income of his family. «We did the same thing that our opponents have done in the past four years,» he explained, comparing the informativeness of devoted public tax documents trump with a paperclip.

Earlier, Senator Cruz fired his campaign staff Rick Tyler for spreading inaccurate information and slander another candidate for President — Marco Rubio. Scandalous video captured the scene of meeting Rubio with father Raphael in one of the hotels. During the conversation, the Senator uttered the phrase: «a Good book, it has all the answers». However, in the version published by a colleague of Cruz, Rubio allegedly says: «Good book, only answers in it not so much».

Commenting on the incident, Donald trump noted that Cruz «was drowned in lies» and «shall be disqualified», but «weak Republican party leadership will not allow it». «All of this is sad,» said trump.

The undisputed leader in the Republican primary election remains the trump. In South Carolina he scored 32.5% of the votes and gained the support of all 50 of the delegates from this state. In order to become a final candidate from the Republican party for President, the candidate must enlist the support of delegates from 1237 2472 participants in the national Congress to be held in Cleveland from 18 to 21 July. The elections themselves will take place on 8 November.

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