Community activists urged the Homutynnik to pass the parliamentary mandate

Community activists urged former regions, MP from the group «Renaissance» Vitaly Homutynnik to pass the parliamentary mandate and «not to shame at least in front of their own voters.» This was written in Facebook political expert Denis Gorokhovsky.

He recalled that the first Homutynnik got to Rada when he was 26 years old, he is now 41.

«That is in the service of the people, he for 15 years. And, accordingly, all this time, he has no right to engage in any business. In 2011 his income was 11 million UAH, in 2013 65 million. It is officially declared amount. That is something that he is not shy to show. In 2014 he became the richest MP, and now his fortune is estimated at more than $268 million a Good leap in the lives of state employees, right? The question is, how Homutynnik has managed to increase revenue exponentially while in the civil service?» – wrote Gorokhovsky.

He stressed that «NACP may not even take into account of which appeared in e-returns for the 2015 year not previously declared car of the wife».

«There are things more interesting – for example, a yacht and a private jet. Not need to be a great detective to suspect that something is wrong in the Affairs of the people’s Deputy. But NACP does not notice. Although this case would be the perfect litmus test for the Agency. And the Homutynnik too. Could lay down the mandate and at least not to shame before their own voters. Still have «earned» so much, and enough great-grandchildren,» said Gorokhovsky.

Community activists urged the Homutynnik to pass the parliamentary mandate 28.03.2018

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