Commercial Director of «Naftogaz»: Return any scheme

In the energy market are «very negative» trends. On the 21st of September said the commercial Director of «Naftogaz of Ukraine» Yuriy Vitrenko, reports «New time».

«Come back any scheme. There is a risk that everything will return to normal, and by 2030 Ukraine to buy Russian gas and oil,» he said.

According to Vitrenko, Ukraine is «a return to the oligarchic system.»

«If there is no sustainable system of development, going back to old, more stable… a return to the oligarchic system is basic, unfortunately the scenario. Very few countries of this model escaped», he said.

Ukraine stopped deliveries of gas from Russia in November 2015. In Kiev said that Gazprom offers a very high price on fuel, and cheaper to buy gas in Europe.

Since that time, Ukraine buys gas from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Commercial Director of «Naftogaz»: Return any scheme 22.09.2017

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