Commander of the air force Lithuania, which wanted to repair the helicopters in Russia dismissed

The Minister of defence of Lithuania Raimundas Karoblis decided to release the commander of the air forces, Colonel Audronius of Navickas because of the intention to repair military helicopters in Russia. This writes Delfi.

The decision was taken by the Minister after the completion of the official investigation, at the beginning of the air force commander was removed from duty a few months ago.

Therefore, the decision of the Minister Colonel made a temporary reserve of the personnel of the Lithuanian army, he threatened to send to the reserve.

Now, by law, if within two months he will be offered a position in the army, which would be consistent with his qualifications and the title of Navickas will be sent to the reserve.

The newspaper reminds that the Ministry of defence of Lithuania since November last year investigated the intention to repair in Russia two military helicopters destined for search and rescue.

«The material shows that the decision to repair helicopters and allocation of funds was made with the condition that the repair will not be made in Russia or the suppliers of this country.

Colonel Navickas, being on top positions of the air force, did not ensure the implementation of policies expressed at the meeting of the Council for defense resources, the defense Ministry dated 9 February 2016 – not to repair military helicopters in Russia.

National security is not consistent with the free interpretation of political attitudes», – said the Minister of defense Karoblis, justifying the decision.

The newspaper reminds that the «green light» repair of helicopters «Mi-8T»in Russia last year gave the Commission via a competitive procurement led by the representative of the Ministry of defence, the chief air force commander and head of the Department of arms and control systems of the Ministry of defense. The process was stopped in November.

As argued by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the repair of helicopters in Russia would be contrary to the decisions of the European Union (EU) sanctions against Moscow and the foreign policy of Lithuania.

Commander of the air force Lithuania, which wanted to repair the helicopters in Russia dismissed 11.02.2017

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