Colonel bezyazykov explained why wore Russian uniforms and weapons in captivity

Arrested on suspicion of treason Colonel Ivan bezyazykov is already in court , where he must choose a measure of restraint. About it «the Ukrainian truth» I reported a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

«He’s already in court. The survey did not reveal any health problems,» she said.

Gitlyanskaya said that the night he spent at the hotel, representatives of the SBU accompany him for security.

Earlier on Tuesday, December 13, at the trial of bezyazykov confirmed that the prisoner went to the Russian military uniform, and he gave Russian weapons, reports TSN.

«I went in the military uniform of the Russian sample, because I have more clothes was not. Because when I was captured, my clothes ripped to pieces at all,» he said.

Bezyazykov also explained that the weapon he was given to participate in the re-enactment whose purpose is to persuade to move to the side of the occupiers of another prisoner, major Ruslan Kosinski.

«It was staged to conduct an experiment, will the major Kosinski in collaboration with the «DNR». Fortunately, he did not go, stood firm,» — said the suspect.

As previously reported, the Shevchenkivskyi district court of the capital determined by the measure of restraint for Bezyazykov, and has already temporarily released him from custody — a special cage in the courtroom along with the lawyers.

During a meeting on Tuesday, December 13, the suspect became ill and was admitted in one of Kiev hospitals.

Earlier it was reported that military intelligence officer, Colonel APU, released from captivity of militants in the summer of 2016, Ivan Bezyazykov detained on suspicion in cooperation with the so-called «DNR».

July 6, 2016 bezyazykov after his release he met with President Petro Poroshenko.

On December 13, media reported that Colonel APU Ivan bezyazykov was recruited by the Russian intelligence services, repeatedly went to Rostov-on-don (Russian Federation) to receive briefings from staff members of the Russian special services. According to intelligence agencies, bezyazykov was known among terrorists by nickname Louise, Uncle Vanya, the Colonel, Ivan.

Colonel bezyazykov explained why wore Russian uniforms and weapons in captivity 14.12.2016

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