COBOL and Nasalik assure that gas and coal until the end of the heating season is enough

The Chairman of the Board NAK «Naftogaz Ukraine» Andrew KOBOLEV said that the situation regarding the gas supply in the country is stable. He said this January 12, 2016 during the working meeting with the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on provision with energy resources, informs the press service of the Cabinet.

In particular KOBOLEV said that the maximum consumption of gas in January, which is colder compared to the previous year, was less even at a lower temperature than in 2016. According to him, this demonstrates the positive impact of energy efficiency measures and policy of the government to reduce gas consumption in the home.

Meanwhile, in underground vaults, according to KOBOLEV, is now more than 11 billion cubic meters of gas. It is expected that at the end of February — beginning of March, Ukraine will come to 8 billion cubic meters of gas, approximately equal to the figure in March 2014.

He also noted that in 2016, we managed to reach increase the production of Ukrainian gas. It is planned that in 2017 the increase will be from 500 minkowiski meters.

Prime Minister Groisman, in turn, noted that till 2020 Ukraine must ensure energy independence.

«We must fully provide itself with gas. Point. This will give the opportunity to develop the national economy and to ensure lower prices for energies RS in the medium term, he stressed. — Our task — is to consume less with the best quality and to extract more of its own energy resources,» — said Groisman.

The Prime Minister also urged to accelerate efforts to reform the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine».

In addition, listen to the question of coal. As stated by the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik, today in the warehouses of generating companies of Ukraine hosted about 1.9 million tons of coal, the situation with the passage of the heating season is fully controlled.

Nasalik said that the unified energy system operates in a normal mode. According to his information, as of January, the surplus power is 4.2 thousand MW, which is equivalent to 4 nuclear reactors. It is expected surplus of nuclear energy, and the Ministry of energy is preparing all the necessary documents to enter the export of electricity. Ukraine is ready to export more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours.

He also said that to date, the stock is about 1.9 million tons of coal.

At the same time Nasalik said that for 1-10 January at a temperature of -17, -20 degree actuation warehouses in 10 days amounted to 1.7 thousand tons, or 0.1 composition. «The situation is completely controlled, there are no problems», — he stressed.

Groisman separately raised the issue of the reliability of the energy supply of the country and set a task to intensify work, in particular concerning the deepening of cooperation with power companies, the modernization of networks.

«I want everyone to have a guaranteed cachestorenostore in their homes,» he said.

In this context, the Prime Minister stressed that the volume of accumulated coal should not be reduced. In his opinion, it is necessary to provide a 1.9-2 million tons of coal as «the stock that must be inviolable and constant presence».

Recall before it became known that from-for damages of the heating mains in Kiev without heating remained residents of Troyeshchyna, the largest residential area of the Ukrainian capital.

COBOL and Nasalik assure that gas and coal until the end of the heating season is enough 13.01.2017

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