Co-chair of the «Alternative for Germany» have announced their withdrawal from the party

Co-chair of the far-right nationalist party «Alternative for Germany» Frauke Petry announced his withdrawal from the party that in the elections to the Bundestag took third place. It is reported «German wave».

«It is clear that this step should follow,» he said.

Petri added that he also leaves the post of Chairman of the faction «Alternatives for Germany» in the land Parliament of Saxony.

In addition, the party left the husband Petri Markus Prötzel, who headed the organization of the party in North Rhine and faction in the land Parliament in düsseldorf.

Officially, his decision Prötzel will be announced at the next meeting of the faction.

Petri on September 25, said he was not going to enter into fraction «Alternatives for Germany» in the Bundestag. The announcement was made during a press conference with other leaders of the party for whom it was a surprise.

In the parliamentary elections in Germany held on 24 September, won the block of the Christian democratic parties CDU/CSU headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In total in elections have taken part 42 of the party.

Second place was taken by the Social democratic party of Germany former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, announcing the results of the election, going into opposition. For the SPD, spoke about 20.5% of voters. In third place, a far – right nationalist party «Alternative for Germany» (AfD) with 12.6% of the votes. This is followed by the liberal Free democratic party (FDP) – 10,7%, the Left party (De Linke) is 9.2% and the party «Soyuz-90″/»green» – 8,9%.

Co-chair of the «Alternative for Germany» have announced their withdrawal from the party 26.09.2017

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