CNN showed video from «murder» trump during the inauguration

American broadcaster CNN has published on YouTube videoholic about the difficulties with the succession of presidential power in the case of the murder of Donald trump during the inauguration, which will take place tomorrow, 20 January 2017, reports

Reporter Brian Todd reviewed the scenario is the attempt not only elected President, but the Vice-President and most influential members of Congress.

According to the U.S. Constitution, if the President and Vice President are killed or incapacitated, they replace the speaker of the house of representatives, followed by the temporary President of the Senate. If with them something happens, the duties of the President are performed by Ministers, starting with the Secretary of state.

In the case of murder at the inauguration, the situation is complicated by the fact that by noon the Ministers of the government of Barack Obama will resign, including Secretary of state John Kerry, nominated by trump to this post Rex Tillerson is not yet confirmed in office.

Therefore, noon on January 20 the acting head of the Department of state will begin to act temporarily as under Secretary for political Affairs Tom Shannon, a representative of the Obama administration.

In addition, the event is catastrophic events in the U.S. chosen the so-called duty of successor, as a rule, one of the Ministers. He is not present at the inauguration, and is secured in a remote location, his name was not disclosed.

This duty successor will be too, not because of the team trump the Senate, yet none of it is not approved — and someone from the Obama administration, CNN stresses. For this reason, the material of the channel is called «the Disaster can be put at the head of the Oval office appointee of Obama.»

The plot also features scenes shot from the ABC show «the Successor» (the Designated Survivor), the centre of which is nevliyatelny a member of the government by the name of Thomas Kirkman (the role played by canadian Kiefer Sutherland), «appointed to survive», which after the death of the President and his major successors, substitutes the President of the United States. It should be noted that the tape was released in 2016, in the midst of the presidential campaign.

As writes the British tabloid the Daily Mail, critics immediately attacked the authors of the material and the guide channel, calling it the «Clinton News Network». This was the name of the broadcaster trump supporters during the elections.

The trump is often ignored questions from CNN on their press conferences.

On the eve of the American media published. an open letter in which he explains his vision of relations with its future administration. In particular, in response to its demonstrated during the elections demonstrative disrespect for journalists and the persecution of some representatives of mass-media representatives covering the White house press pool guarantee joint, most hard style of work which, among other things, will make attempts to continue neefectivni PR-managers of trump quarrel between journalists.

«We will raise our standards even higher than before. …We work together. You tried to divide us, but those days are over. …If at the press conference, you try to shout down or ignore a reporter who says something you don’t like you, you will stand a United front. Yes, we will have disagreement and critical discussion of ethics or taste, or the integrity of the review. But we are going to start and complete their…

We’re playing the long game. At best you will stay in post for eight years. And here we are — since the founding of the Republic. Our role in this great democracy has been confirmed many, many times. You have forced us to once again review the fundamental questions about who we are and what we’re here for. But for this we really appreciate it. Good the inauguration,» — said in a letter of solidarity with the American media.

CNN showed video from «murder» trump during the inauguration 20.01.2017

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