CNN has confirmed that Russia is supplying weapons to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan

The Taliban in Afghanistan had improved the weaponry, which was probably provided by the Russian government. Such data are contained in an exclusive video published by CNN.

It is noted that the published footage add weight to accusations that Afghan and us officials that Moscow is arming the group «Taliban», which in 2003 was recognized by the UN security Council and the Russian terrorist movement.

US generals have expressed concern about the traffic of arms from Russia to Afghanistan, but the video confirming the supply of weapons to terrorists from Russia, has appeared only now.

In the published television channel videos are sniper rifles, different versions of Kalashnikov rifles and heavy machine guns. Weapons, according to military experts, devoid of any markers that would help determine their origin.

According to testimony, at least two different units of the Taliban received weapons, which, according to them, was provided by agents of the Kremlin. The weapons were transported through Tajikistan and Iran.

CNN said that the rollers can not be considered irrefutable evidence of Russia supplying terrorists with weapons, however, it confirms that the concerns of the us military are not groundless. Moscow categorically denies the supply of weapons to terrorists.

The representative of the Afghan government Sedik Sediqi said that Afghan officials have expressed concern in connection with contacts with the Taliban, who «legitimize rebels.»

Another Afghan official expressed confidence that Russia and the Taliban established trade links.

The Russian foreign Ministry refused to comment on this information, noting that such statements are meant to hide the failure of the United States in Afghanistan. Russian representatives said that Moscow conducts a dialogue with the Taliban solely to facilitate peace talks.

In 2001, the United States together with its allies began in Afghanistan operation against the radical Islamist movement «Taliban», prompted by the terrorist attacks in America on 11 September. At the end of 2014 from Afghanistan have pushed most foreign troops. In this regard, the Taliban has significantly stepped up attacks.

9 may 2017, The Washington Post reported that the United States intends to expand the contingent in Afghanistan to 11 thousand. Now in Afghanistan is 8.4 thousand American soldiers.

CNN has confirmed that Russia is supplying weapons to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan 25.07.2017

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