Clinton will get a PhD British University

Former U.S. Secretary of state and candidate for President, Hillary Clinton will get a PhD British University in Swansea, reports The Guardian.

14 Oct Clinton will visit Swansea which is in Wales, and will receive the award «as a sign of commitment to promoting the rights of families and children around the world.»

University Professor Richard Davies said the school is honored to award the former first lady of the United States, which is recognized as a figure of «huge international significance and embodiment of human rights».

Hillary Clinton was a Senator from the state of new York in the years 2001-2009. After that, he held the position of Secretary of state. In the presidential election of 2016, Clinton, a Democrat, lost to his rival from the Republican party, Donald Trump.

March 19, it announced its willingness to return to politics. «I’m ready to get out of the forest, to shed light and help others to move forward,» Clinton said.

September 11, Clinton said that memories of the presidential campaign of 2016 is still painful, so she will no longer be running for President.

Clinton will get a PhD British University 01.10.2017

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