Clinton asks Sanders to unite against trump

Competitors for the nomination as candidate for US presidents from Democratic party to discuss the opportunity to join forces to confront the Republican-billionaire Donald Trump, has already guaranteed himself the nomination of his party. About the collaboration in an interview with CNN said the former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton is the favorite in the race for the Democrats.

According to Clinton, her campaign headquarters is in close contact with the representatives of its only competitor, the Democrat in the race to the White house, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

She stressed that attracting new supporters and cohesion of the party ranks will be the main task for the Democrats after in July of this year at the national Congress in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) will be named the official candidate of the party in the elections. According to Clinton, her campaign and the election headquarters of Sanders «already engaged» for this reason. She suggested that these contacts aktiviziruyutsya after next Tuesday’s primaries in six States. The polls predict another victory for Clinton.

«I will definitely do what I can, to unite the Democratic party. Our campaigns are associated with each other, and we will continue to do it,» Clinton was quoted by TASS. According to her, she and Sanders are willing to do all that trump did not get into the White house».

Earlier, former Secretary of state noted that the differences between her and Senator Sanders «pale in comparison with differences observed in the Republican party». She also stated that they are ready to talk with his rival, «when it is ready» for dialogue.

Clinton remains a clear leader in the presidential race among Democrats. To nominate the official candidate of the party for her, according to estimates by the New York Times, is necessary in the remaining rounds of primary elections to recruit only about 70 votes of delegates to the national Convention. On the side Sanders and a half times less delegates that almost closes his path to the nomination.

Clinton asks Sanders to unite against trump 01.06.2016

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