City officials say the causes of the stench in Kiev

The cause of the smoke and stench in the capital are not fires and burning garbage, and weather phenomenon. About this «Ukrainian truth. Kiev» said the head of the Department of emergency KSCA Roman Tkachuk.

«The latest information we have, the SES says it’s a weather phenomenon, not the SSES confirms the fires in the city or in adjacent areas, any fires in landfills not. According to information from the sanitation center and the meteorology center, is the weather conditions when all the fumes and emissions do not rise up and accumulate in the surface layer of the atmosphere, » said Tkachuk.

The reason for this he called different kinds of boilers and heating systems and fireplaces, which are now used by people of Kiev.

«All of these devices that have emissions in the atmosphere, it builds up in the surface layer and we have this smoke,» said Tkachuk.

He added that the condition of the air following the state foods and consumer service.

«They organized a test measuring points of air, but no exceedances for carbon monoxide, the gases not yet discovered. At a temperature of -6 for any impairment through the air SES finds,» Tkachuk concluded.

At the same insists the head of the Main Department of Gospertstrasse in Kiev Oleg Ruban.

He noted that the so-called haze weather is becoming commonplace for the capital.

«This could sort of weather haze. We have such phenomena observed earlier. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs when temperature inversions and pressure reduction and the temperature change in the lower atmosphere. Therefore, the products of human activity accumulate in the lower atmosphere and moving to the top. At 7:00 PM Laboratory center of public health took air samples, the results of their research will receive at 10 am. Yesterday the excess of harmful substances was not» — said Ruban.

Cause of smog he also called boilers and individual city and cars.

«To overcome this phenomenon it is possible only by reducing emissions due to the reduction of individual car use and reduce the number of boilers, but this is unrealistic for the winter period», — concluded Ruban.

At the airport «Kiev» said that despite the smog, work as usual, but urged passengers to monitor closely the status of their flights on-line scoreboard.

We will remind, in the evening of 16 January in Kiev was covered with smoke, the townspeople assume that it has something to do with incineration plant. In social networks people of Kiev confirmed the presence of smoke and odor on the Left Bank, in the center, Holosiivskyi district, Borschagivka, Nivki, Obolon and even out of town for a Cherry, Vasilkova and Glevahi.

City officials say the causes of the stench in Kiev 17.01.2017

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