CIA chief shows signs of active use by the militants of the Islamic state chemical weapons

The militants of the so-called «Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant» (ISIL) has the capability to produce chemical weapons and they have used it in Syria and Iraq, said on 12 February 2016 in an interview with the American CBS TV channel the head of the CIA , John Brennan, reports the BBC.

Islamists can already produce chlorine and mustard gas, said Brennan.

«We know of several cases applying the «is» of chemical weapons on the battlefield,» said the chief of U.S. intelligence.

Brennan added that the Islamic state may try to export chemical weapons to Western countries with the aim of ensuring foreign exchange earnings.

«That is why it is important to suppress various transportation lines and the smuggling routes they use,» said he.

Two days earlier, said Director of US National intelligence James Clapper at a hearing of the congressional Committee.

In early January, aired by Sky News exclusive material on the activities of scientific laboratories as «Jihad University» in areas controlled by the Islamic state the Syrian city of raqqa (Ar — raqqa), where you create a homemade thermal homing heads that can be used to destroy passenger airplanes.

Previously it was thought that such developments are accessible to terrorist groups without an adequate military infrastructure. However, this was Sky News video, which may indicate that the «is» able to recover thousands of Iraqi missiles, which were written off by Western governments due to the expiration date.

In addition, according to the provided information, the engineers of the Islamic state have created a fully functional car with remote control that can be used as mobile bombs. The vehicles are fitted mannequins with self-adjusting thermostats that will be able to simulate the thermal radiation, characteristic for the live person. These solutions allow to avoid complex scanning system, ensuring the safety of the military government buildings in the West.

Help. Weapons of mass destruction «ISIS»

As previously reported, in December 2015, analysts of the European Parliament said about the «is» of «scientists-chemists, physicists and programmers» from among the graduates of prestigious universities of the world. According to presented information, the leadership group of the challenge is to «use chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances used as weapons for terrorist acts».

On bringing Islamic state to develop chemical weapons experts from different parts of the world also informed the head of the Iraqi parliamentary Committee on security and defense said al-Hakim of Samili.

At the disposal of «IG» are and kiloton weaponry (medium — a means of mass destruction) plus thousands of pieces of military equipment seized from the Iraqi army.

In may 2015 the world’s media circulated a statement of «IG» on plans to build nuclear weapons. According to the data, in this, the terrorists can do to help their partners in Pakistan. For such purposes by the adherents of building a worldwide «Caliphate», they claim, there are «billions of dollars».

About the threat of militants «IG» for use in Europe chemical and biological weapons instead of using the criminal practice of mass executions at the meeting of the National Assembly of France, said Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Similar concerns were raised and the authorities of the USA, the UK and Australia.

We will remind, on one of their propaganda videos, the representatives of the Islamic state have reported allegedly in their possession chemical weapons.

CIA chief shows signs of active use by the militants of the Islamic state chemical weapons 12.02.2016

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