Chumak: Until SAP comes a new head, prosecutors will merge all the materials of the Prosecutor’s office

If the suspicion is against the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Holodnitsky confirmed, he must leave the post, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the MP, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption Viktor Chumak.

«I understand that there are criminal proceedings, which was carried out quickly-investigation actions. And on these events there are some statements Golodnitsky, which can be qualified as a disciplinary offence or a criminal act. The question is, how this qualify. If the available information is confirmed, the Holodnitsky need to be removed from office. Another thing is that this is our common error – Holodnitsky high hopes. And if the top corrupt officials have not been sufficiently effective, then lost not Holodnitsky, and all of us,» – said the MP.

He does not exclude that the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko can access the content NABOO.

«Moreover, it may happen that the attorney General will determine procedural prosecutors for SAP. And you’ll have access to the materials of NABOO. Blame Holodnitsky, but lost to the society. Any news that puts into question the efficiency of SAP or NABU is bad. Good in this is nothing. It’s not the loss of Golodnitsky, and the loss of the institution and its independence. Until the SAP will come a new leader, prosecutors will merge all the materials of the Prosecutor’s office. Of course, we cannot say that this is the end of all anti-corruption investigations, but the attorney General will get a lot of information,» – said Chumak.

March 21, «the Ukrainian truth» with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies reported that National anti-corruption Bureau a few weeks listened to the Cabinet of Holodnitsky. «Bugs» supposedly attached to the big aquarium at the table of the Prosecutor.

«Ukrainian news» wrote that the head of the SAP was forced to resign.

22 Mar Holodnitsky called provocation the situation with my audition, and assured that no one can force him to resign.

On March 24, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko has informed that the audition of the head of the SAP was authorized by the court. On March 26 the head of the PGO said that law enforcement officers are studying the materials of listening of the Cabinet of Holodnitsky.

On March 29 the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik and Sytnik said that the NAB is conducting an investigation in respect of Golodnitsky, noting that his Department cooperates with the General Prosecutor’s office.

According to him, the wiretap recorded as Holodnitsky leaked information to a suspect.

HCP reported that on March 30 Holodnitsky did not come in for questioning. He had to take away the voice.

Lutsenko asked qualification and disciplinary Commission to consider dismissal of Holodnitsky.

Holodnitsky headed a new unit GPU is a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office – December 1, 2015.

Chumak: Until SAP comes a new head, prosecutors will merge all the materials of the Prosecutor’s office 30.03.2018

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