Chumak about the conflict of NABOO and NACP: It would be worse if they agreed quietly under the table

In the conflict between the National Agency for corruption prevention (NACP) and the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) there is a positive moment, the Agency did not solve the problem behind the scenes. This opinion in comments to the edition «GORDON» was expressed by the MP, Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption Viktor Chumak.

«These structures were meant to watch over all of us and for each other. We just sucked from a finger problem. It is their direct work. NABOO and NACP each other is uncontrollable, each of these bodies has its own sphere of responsibility. One Agency should monitor the conflicts of interest and the timeliness of submission of declarations, and the second is that Ukrainian officials did not allow themselves illicit enrichment. And the conflict between them due to the fact that someone did something wrong, in order. It would be worse if they agreed quietly under the table. I would be very happy if in other departments of corruption surfaced. But there is somehow silence», – said the MP.

In his opinion, after the conflict became public, nor the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak, no Director of the NABU Sytnyk will not escape responsibility.

«Just wonderful that the conflict between the NABOO and NACP came out. The irreversibility of the punishment will be like that for Korczak and for rush. Of course, if the court so decides. Yes, you can see that NABOO is the system pressure from all sides. All interested in the pressure on NABOO is only one way: they say that Korczak was well done. Although they had not done. Nobody interested in the fact that NABOO continued to dig. After all, they will find new offenses committed by senior officials,» – said Chumak.

November 3, NACP announced the introduction of provisions on the violation of requirements of the legislation regarding ethical conduct, prevention and settlement of conflict of interests and other violations of law Director of NAB Artem Sytnik.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office stated that the conflict between the NABOO and NACP may be an attempt to settle personal scores.

13 Nov rush called in NACP to testify. The Protocol on an adminnarusheniye the head of NABU was sent to the court.

In may, journalists of the program «Nashi Groshi s Denis Bhusa» reported that found in parkomesta head NACP Natalia Korchak in the capital’s new business class new car Skoda Octavia A7, which is not indicated in the Declaration.

10 Nov NABOO questioned Korczak in the case of the purchase of Parking spaces and their use in undeclared cars.

The evening of 10 November, the mother-in-law of the head of the NACP was closed in the apartment of detective NABOO. Korczak said that the detective took explanations from her mother-in-law illegally and that the woman went to the police.

The police opened criminal proceedings on violation of inviolability of housing an employee of NABOO.

Chumak about the conflict of NABOO and NACP: It would be worse if they agreed quietly under the table 13.11.2017

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