Chornovol accuses KASKO in blocking investigations of financial fraud of Yanukovych and his entourage

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from fraction «popular front» Tatiana Chornovol accused the Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO in blocking the investigation of financial fraud of former President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

She stated this commenting on the statement KASKO resignation in his blog on Цензор.net.

«Vitaliy KASKO said that dismissed from the Prosecutor General’s office and immediately went hysterical noise, supposedly the last hope of the nation ate of the cursed corrupt. I also agree that his dismissal is a disgrace. Only for other reasons: he had to leave not his resignation, and in jail. In fact it is official that in Ukraine after the Maidan was responsible for the return of assets of Yanukovych and his servants, and it is obvious that in this field we have the biggest failure,» said Chornovol.

According to her, KASKO only had mechanisms that allowed you to do specific things in the field of asset recovery, he also directed the interdepartmental Commission on the return of assets. However, according to Chornovol, having for this purpose all the powers of, the Deputy attorney General did nothing for the return of assets to Ukraine.

The MP noted that all the arrested assets Yanukovych and his entourage abroad is the achievement of foreign investigators.

«But then had to turn on KASKO. However, he was not included. This is evident from the result: sanctions are removed arrests are abolished, a penny is not returned to Ukraine».

Moreover Chornovol said that KASKO «consciously worked on «former».

«Here, the concrete result of his treason on March 10 of this year in Latvia closed the criminal case on money laundering by the Ukrainian beneficiaries of the Yanukovych. KASKO has done everything possible so that Ukraine was not accepted the case,» said the MP.

«Through Latvian banks to rotate money in schemes Kurchenko. And for the last two years of the Yanukovych presidency, the turnover of companies Kurchenko was 10 million US dollars a day. Regular were the payments for 25-35 million dollars a single transfer. Payments were Arbuzov, Zlochevsky, Ivanyushchenko, Stavisky and even the Swiss company … That is, the material from Latvia was able to fill the gaps in a number of criminal cases initiated in Ukraine regarding the «former,» — said Chornovil.

«Obviously that’s why KASKO is not organized the transfer of the case in Ukraine. And blocked when it tried to do to bypass it,» he added.

According to Chornovil, Deputy attorney General resigned now, because he knows now to catch up on 10 March to adopt it is almost impossible.

As reported today, 15 February, KASKO resigned. In his words, «the last straw was yet another redistribution of the work of the GPU».

«Shokin took me all the functions and tools to conduct business, which started our team, including «diamond» prosecutors», he added.

According to KASKO, «the GPU is a dead body in independence which nobody believes.»

Recall that in the late summer of 2015 it was reported that on KASKO laid powers to combat corruption in the country.

«Now the full range of issues concerning the prevention and combating corruption, the investigation of crimes committed by officials who occupy especially responsible positions in the state, is entrusted to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO», — stated in the message.

Chornovol accuses KASKO in blocking investigations of financial fraud of Yanukovych and his entourage 16.02.2016

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