Chornovil: we Believe that Tymoshenko could initiate negotiations, and Avakov surface to get involved. But this does not lead to anything

If the interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the leader of «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Timoshenko really had a secret meeting to discuss their cooperation, the initiator of these negotiations was that Tymoshenko, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the political scientist, former MP Taras Chornovil.

«Any reformatting of the coalition is not expected and will not. All the talk about the establishment of some new parliamentary coalition is not backed by anything. This is not there. If we talk specifically about Avakov and Tymoshenko, by analyzing some of the information I come to the conclusion that something is really there. I can just say that the initiative comes not from Avakov, Tymoshenko. Apparently, it is absolutely standard situation, which she played with all political forces. No results of these negotiations will have in General», – Chornovil noted.

According to him, information about the talks with Tymoshenko Avakov will give the opportunity to blackmail the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

«The question is: why is it necessary Avakov? The fact of the talks with Tymoshenko interesting. Because it gives him an additional factor for blackmail. That is, Avakov will be able to hint to the President, in which case he has a backup plan. So he can safely go to the collapse of the coalition and as a consequence early elections. But the fact that Avakov could just tell this all to the President, but make no. After all, Poroshenko may well agree: they say, let’s try! In this case, Avakov was removed from the post of Minister of internal Affairs, the coalition will collapse. But the President will be able to avoid re-election. In the end Avakov will just lose all power and leverage. But against him a dozen charges that will immediately go into development. Recall, for example, the story of the backpacks» – said the analyst.

He focused on the fact that Tymoshenko has tried to negotiate such agreements with the fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

«Who said that Tymoshenko will fulfill its obligations? Nobody will give guarantees that having come to the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada together with «Batkivshchyna», Avakov is a former position or some other. Tymoshenko’s enough people willing to occupy high positions. That is now Avakov advantageous to dance on the border of a minefield, but did not do the last step. As for Tymoshenko, she may again get into a mess like it was with Yanukovich. With him she also repeatedly tried to negotiate, but nothing came of it. In the end, Tymoshenko lost the Premiership. So I now believe that Tymoshenko could initiate negotiations, and Avakov surface to get involved. But this does not lead to anything,» said Chornovil.

As reported, Ukrainian journalist, founder of the Internet edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon, citing its own sources, Avakov, Timoshenko held a secret meeting to discuss further political cooperation.

Avakov became a member of the party «Batkivshchyna» in 2010. In 2012-2014 he was a people’s Deputy from this political force.

In August 2014, Avakov said that a part of the team «Batkivshchyna» leaving the party (including he, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov (current Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov. – «GORDON») as not agreed about the forthcoming elections and the role of the party in the political process. «I respect the opinions of friends and politicians in the Batkivshchyna party, believes that the opposition to Poroshenko is a greater benefit for the country. I understand the logic of their objections and arguments, understand the nuances and terms possible associations get it. But honestly Express their position – in the current situation is wrong and unacceptable, only unity», – wrote Avakov in Facebook.

Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Avakov founded a new party, «popular front» which in the elections of 2014 ranked first on party lists, it was supported by 22,14% of the voters. «Fatherland» received 5,68% of the vote.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Fund «Democratic initiatives» name Ilka Kucheriva and Razumkov Center in June 2017, at the elections on Sunday with a score of 11.2% would have won «Batkivshchyna». «Popular front» is ready to vote to 1.7% of voters.

Chornovil: we Believe that Tymoshenko could initiate negotiations, and Avakov surface to get involved. But this does not lead to anything 30.08.2017

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