Chinese scientists have created a waterproof and fireproof paper

Chinese scientists has developed resistant to fire and water paper.

The new material according to its characteristics has no analogues in the world.

«Paper was developed by a group of researchers headed by Professor of the Shanghai Institute of ceramics under Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhu Intsze. The developers have already sent a request for a patent on his invention in China,» States the publication.

According to «Shanghai daily», this inorganic paper is quite elastic, durable and not prone to mechanical damage in extreme conditions.

According to the developers, the new material can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius. Due to its structure, the paper also repels water even if it is mechanically damaged. It leaves no traces in contact with milk, coffee, juice or tea.

From a practical point of view, scientists say, there are many variants of application of the new material: use for storage of especially important documents to billboards on the streets.

Earlier Dutch scientists have invented a new way of creating high quality displays in place of the pixels came in graphene bubbles.

Chinese scientists have created a waterproof and fireproof paper 05.01.2017

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