Chinese robot-journalist wrote the first article. A second

A Chinese newspaper published the first article written by a robot journalist.

It is reported Tehnot with reference to China New.

«The local daily newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily (Guangzhou) published an article written by a robot reporter named Xiao Nan. The article contains 300 characters and devoted to the boom of travel before the Chinese New year», — stated in the message.

The robot took only 1 second on writing. The developer of the robot, the Professor of Peking University, Wang Xiaojun said that his child can write both simple and quite complex and long texts.

«In comparison with the regular reporters, Xiao has a much greater ability to analyze data and maybe faster to write lyrics,» said Wang Xiaojun.

However, the robot is not yet able to interview and ask additional questions.

Earlier it was reported that the European Parliament intends to consider the set of rules governing the communication of people with artificial intelligence and robots. According to the report of the European Parliament, the world is on the threshold of a new industrial revolution of robots. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether to grant future robots the status of «electronic personality.»

Chinese robot-journalist wrote the first article. A second 19.01.2017

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