Chinese banks have de facto joined the sanctions against Russia — media

Chinese banks are integrated into the global economy and valued relationship with American banks, so de facto they joined financial sanctions against Russia. This was announced by Executive Director of the Business Council Russia-ASEAN Viktor Tarusin in an interview with «Kommersant-Vlast».

«Chinese banks not only refused to Russian companies and individuals to issue loans, but were forced to close accounts and transfer funds to other places, — said the Tarusin.

Experts interviewed by the journal, as the two main problems of the joint business of the Russians and the Chinese also talked about the lack of understanding of the Chinese mentality and the desire of the Chinese to control the business.

«Now the Chinese began to demand from many companies of control, it never happened before,» said Maxim Sokov, CEO of En+, telling about one of the operations of the company. They say, we are ready to invest, but we need 50% + 1 vote».

Therefore, according to him, in 2015 took place very many trades.

As you know, December 22, 2015 the US Treasury Department has decided to tighten sanctions imposed on citizens and legal persons, — not only Russian.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance has imposed «sectoral sanctions» against a much broader list of companies.

In the expanded list of 22 subsidiaries of VTB Bank (most of them subsidiaries of the Bank in other countries), including the Bank «VTB Ukraine», and 24 «daughter» of the Russian «Sberbank», including Ukrainian Bank «Sberbank of Russia». «Prominvestbank», which is owned by VTB, the sanctions did not hit.

Chinese banks have de facto joined the sanctions against Russia — media 08.02.2016

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