China proposes to ban nuclear weapons worldwide

Chinese predident XI Jinping stressed the need to destroy nuclear weapons and in favour of the big powers to respect the interests of smaller States. On 18 January, he said during a visit to Geneva, writes

«Nuclear weapons should be completely banned, and eventually destroyed, to make possible a nuclear-free world. Big powers should respect the critical interests of all the rest», — said the leader of the people’s Republic of China (PRC), which belongs to the nuclear powers in 1964.

XI Jinping assured that China seeks to develop «partnership for peace, growth and reform» with European countries and other global players.

«We will build a new model in relations with the United States, a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia», — he said, speaking at the Geneva branch of the UN.

XI Jinping visited Geneva in the framework of the official visit during which he met with the new UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

On January 17 the President of China also visited the international economic forum in Davos.

Earlier newly elected President of the United States Donald trump said that he is ready to offer Russian President Vladimir Putin sanctions relief in exchange for reductions in nuclear arsenals.

China proposes to ban nuclear weapons worldwide 19.01.2017

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