China has averaged nearly 1.4 billion people

The population of the people’s Republic of China reached in 2016, 1 billion 382 million people, having increased by 8.09 million On it informs «Interfax» with reference to the State statistical office of China.

These figures do not take into account the population of the special administrative regions of China — Hong Kong and Macau.

In 2016 were born in the country of 17.86 million children, died of 9.77 million.

Male population of the country, there are 708,15 million, female — 674,56 million, that is 104,98 males there are 100 females. The issue is already talking to Chinese experts. They are concerned that more than 4 million Chinese men by 2020 will not be able to marry.

The number of people of working age (16 to 59 years) is 907,47 million, while the number of Chinese citizens in the retirement age (60 years and above) — 230,96 million, i.e. 16.7% of the total population.

In China’s cities live 792,98 million people in rural areas 589,73 million While the urban population during the year increased 21.82 million, and agriculture fell by 13.73 million

We will remind, in 2015, China took a historic decision to allow couples to have two children. Due to economic problems in 1979, the country lived under the law of «One family — one child».

China has averaged nearly 1.4 billion people 20.01.2017

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