Chilean authorities issued a secret video with a UFO in the sky over Santiago

The state of the Chilean Committee for the study of anomalous phenomena in the atmosphere (CEFAA), part of the Department of civil Aeronautics under the jurisdiction of the local force, on the basis of the examination of the video recording came to the conclusion that pilots Chile in 2014 managed to film a UFO in the sky West of Santiago, writes The Huffington Post.

An unidentified flying object was seen by military pilots November 11, 2014, while patrolling the coastal sector near the capital of Chile. Presenting the report, one of the soldiers described the UFO as «a flat elongated structure with two thermal centers,» reports

The video shows how literally appeared out of the void the object just suddenly disappeared in the clouds. Experts CEFAA has determined that the object was not a bird, a piece of space debris, insects, plane, skydiver, hang glider or anomaly in the atmosphere. Concluding the report, the Committee called the object «unidentified», notes National Geographic.

Meanwhile, in Russia’s Sakhalin residents witnessed the flight of an unidentified flying object in the night sky over an urban-type settlement of Nogliki. The man removed a glowing Orb flying over residential high-rise buildings. As the author of the video, the UFO several times changed the location and he «had to go through a few houses and back to get my phone,» reports SakhalinMedia

In early December, died in USA American John Glenn, who is considered the first astronaut, who reported on the Ground about unidentified flying objects. During your first flight in February 1962, Glenn saw that his ship was «haunted» strange fire spark and flare, which even overtook the spacecraft at different speeds.

Later, the appearance of these UFOs on earth is explained by the glow of ice crystals from hydrogen engines. During subsequent flights, the astronauts also reported a strange glow around the ship.

Last autumn, the experts involved in the study of the origin of three metal objects found during excavations in Romania in 1973, came to a shocking conclusion: one of the three finds, which appearance looks like the result of human activities, came to Earth about 250 thousand years ago. This fact, according to experts, confirms the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

We will remind, in January of 2016, Central intelligence Agency, the US has declassified dozens of documents relating to observations of the 40-50-ies of the last century associated with UFOs.

Chilean authorities issued a secret video with a UFO in the sky over Santiago 10.01.2017

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