Children from the occupied Donbass will extend the registration period for EIT

For children from the occupied territories of Donbass, the registration time may be extended, and they will be able to pass the EIT during the extra session, as last year.

This was announced by the expert of Department of education of the Donetsk EVGA World Melamedov, commenting on the question about the peculiarities of passing the EIT for children from the occupied territories, writes «Ukrainian truth».

Children who have attained the age of 16 years must obtain the passport of the citizen of Ukraine.

«It is very important that this passport children receive before the end of registration. Of course, for children living in the occupied territory, the registration time will continue. But I think all this should be done on time, including order electronic pass. If people are coming to CPW with the so-called passport of the Republic and of chances to cross the line of demarcation in non — all documents issued on the territory of «L-DNR» are not valid on the territory of Ukraine», — said Melamedov.

She recalled that the EIT registration ends March 4, and changes can be made until March 18.

To participate in the EIT, with the children taking distance-learning courses in any educational institution on the territory of Ukraine.

«For graduates filing for e-learning over on 1 January. In the Donetsk region 116 educational institutions invite applications for external training,» said Magomedov.

She added that the documentation of the unrecognized «republics» will not be accepted.

«She considered. After registering for the externship, the child must pass the final evaluation and pass the state final examinations in three subjects — Ukrainian language, mathematics, history of Ukraine. Graduates can choose mathematics or history of Ukraine. The choice of the subject, will be credited to them as GIA, they must indicate during the registration process,» said Melamedov.

May 20 will be held GUIA of foreign languages with the objectives of the Ministry of education and science. While April 16 will be the trial of external independent evaluation of foreign language graduates may choose to include the outcome of the trial evaluation, as a result of GIA.

Magomedov also said that the people who come with uncontrollable Ukraine territories, will be able to apply to the administration of the school, Department or Board of education to solve the problem of housing.

«In extreme cases, the Department will resolve this issue through the resettlement of children in the boarding schools,» she said.

Recall, February 1, has begun registration for participation in an external independent evaluation in 2016. The registration deadline is March 4.

Children from the occupied Donbass will extend the registration period for EIT 14.02.2016

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