Chickens on the removal from search of people from Yanukovych’s entourage: It’s our «mistakes», to put it mildly, if not harder – a crime!

The Ukrainian side does not prove the guilt of the fugitive ex-officials of former President Viktor Yanukovych, whom the Interpol was removed from the investigation, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the former head of the Department of criminal intelligence service GUBOP Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Valery Chickens.

«It is foolish to think that Interpol someone plays along. He is not to blame – it’s our «mistakes», to put it mildly, if not harder – a crime! At Interpol, there are institutions for the protection of international law. They continue to study the materials for some persons even after they were declared wanted. It is no secret that all members of the former government are very expensive, including international legal assistance. It is easy to prove that they were declared wanted at the time of the political change of government, which in their case we are not talking about a criminal offense. And Ukraine did not provide enough evidence proving the guilt of these individuals, I emphasize, not political, and criminal responsibility», – stressed Chickens.

In his opinion, the current Ukrainian politicians decided to «PR» on the subject.

«I think Interpol believe that we are absolutely illiterate has prepared case files, attempting to include a political component. Came after the Maidan political forces of habit wanted «PR» before the people, and declare loudly that all the corrupt Yanukovych regime will find and return to Ukraine for trial. And be sure to return the billions of dollars. But all this remained at the level of political rhetoric. You can not prove anything. This is what happens when politicians make promises from the rostrum of the fight against crime, for example. But a real professional job of the investigator or operative is done in silence», – said the interlocutor.

According to him, international law organizations are not considered criminals fugitive ex-officials from Ukraine.

«All public statements are only harm. Even if you eliminate corruption when representatives of the «old» power, «bribes» from their «twins» that came to replace them. But most of my fellow professionals do not exclude this component. First, because of the publicity can be destroyed by evidence and witnesses. Second, international legal organizations do not consider fugitive Ukrainian ex-officials criminals. Exactly the same way as officials of other States of the former USSR, «put the brakes» on the way to the European Union. Or other States of «closed» from the international community. They give to understand that if we have a different opinion on this matter, it is necessary to prove» – summed up the Chickens.

At the end of 2013 – early 2014 in Ukraine there were mass protests that led to regime change. At this time, the protesters resisted law enforcement authorities and hired armed bandits (titushki). Ex-Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema said that only 18 to 20 February 2014 was 77 protesters were killed, about 700 people were injured.

February 22, 2014, the Verkhovna Rada declared Yanukovych withdrew from office and not performing his duties, after which he was declared new presidential elections. At the end of February 2014 Yanukovych left Ukraine with his family now he lives in Russia.

The Deputy Prosecutor General Evgeny ENIN said in September 2017, that Yanukovych and his entourage have caused damages to Ukraine about $40 billion.

Chickens on the removal from search of people from Yanukovych’s entourage: It’s our «mistakes», to put it mildly, if not harder – a crime! 15.12.2017

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