Chichvarkin about London: Soon it will all be there, if things in Russia go

Russian businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who received political asylum in Britain, in the author’s program Alesya Batsman «Batman LIVE» on the channel NewsOne said that soon all the disaffected Russian businessmen will gather in London.

«Soon it will all be there, if this goes on…» – said Chichvarkin.

Answering the question about the growth of Russian investments in the British economy, the businessman said that in fact Russian money there’s not a lot.

«You know, money is not so much. Most of the money, of course, stole Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») and with comrades, and they are still in Russia or somewhere in Switzerland, issued on the names of other people,» – said Chichvarkin.

He added that Britain receives a lot of money not only from Russia:

«Believe me, there are a lot of other money. The world is full of thieves regimes, regimes with unfair taxation and criminal regimes, as in Russia, so the money it attracts a lot».

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Chichvarkin is the founder of the Russian group «Euroset», at the moment lives in London. He was forced to leave Russia when he one by one began to open criminal cases. The reason for the persecution, according to the entrepreneur, was the fact that the entourage of President Vladimir Putin was trying to «overcome» his business.

22 Sep 2008 it signed an agreement to sell 100% of Euroset to the ANN investment company headed by the Russian entrepreneur Alexander Mamut.

Chichvarkin about London: Soon it will all be there, if things in Russia go 03.10.2017

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