Chernivtsi detained a gang, which two years plundered offices and shops

Chernivtsi police officers stopped activity of two criminal groups and Bukovina, which account for 27 thefts. This and other results of the activities of the newly created municipal police in the regional center from the beginning, said during a briefing head of the Chernivtsi police Department Vasily Parasuto, reports UKRINFORM.

«In early February, Chernivtsi police detained a group of criminals, who for 2 years has committed a number of thefts from offices and shops of the regional center. Now it is proved participation of malefactors in 7 theft. The group consisted of 4 people, one of them 28-the summer citizen of the neighboring country. Thieves arrested, they declared suspicion, investigative actions proceed», — said paraschuk.

Also police detained previously convicted for property crimes 27-year-old chernivchanyna. He returned from places of imprisonment, from November 2015 to February this year, has committed 12 thefts from cars. Now pre-judicial investigation proceeds, after which criminal proceedings will be sent to court

In addition, in January of this year employees of criminal investigation Department of Chernivtsi police detained a group of 4 people who are in the period of new year and Christmas holidays made thefts of batteries from vehicles. The result proved their participation by 8 theft. Investigative activities are continuing, and perhaps reveals new facts of their illegal activity.

Special attention the head of Chernivtsi Department of the police turned to crime, using various fraudulent schemes.

«As of 9 February 66 registered cases of fraud. Usually the illegal actions of fraud related to the sale and purchase of goods via the Internet, calls «workers banks,» said paraschuk.

Recall that in July 2015 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in the regions of Ukraine has significantly deteriorated criminal situation.

«In Donetsk region the number of murders, for objective reasons, the Russian aggression has increased in 3 times, the equivalent number has increased in 2 times in the Chernivtsi region, 1.8 times in Mykolaiv, is 1.5 times in Zhytomyr. A 15% increase in the number of thefts. The biggest explosion of this kind of crime is recorded in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Almost the same percentage in Chernigiv and Lviv regions», — he noted.

Chernivtsi detained a gang, which two years plundered offices and shops 11.02.2016

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