Chernigov has completed the renaming of streets within the de —

In Chernihiv completed the renaming of streets within the framework of the implementation of the law on the decommunization.

As reported in Department of public relations of the city Council, on Friday 19 February mayor Vladislav Atroshenko signed a decree on renaming 35 the streets of the regional center.

According to the report, the resolution has been signed on the basis of proposals of the Commission on urban toponymy, the protection and preservation of historical and cultural environment of Chernigov.

The Commission proposed to return the two streets of Chernihiv historical names. In particular, parts of Gorky street (from Preobrazhenskaya street to street Kotlyarevsky) – Hound (without changing postal numbering of houses), the other part is a Museum. Street Telmana won the title back – street St. Andrew.

Most of the streets of Chernihiv, which should be renamed the working group examined the opinion of the public. So, taken into account the proposal of the residents of the street Eremenko on conferring the title meadow.

The street of Soldiers-internationalists at the initiative of the Chernihiv regional branch of USA decided to rename in honor of Oleh mikhniuk — Hero of Ukraine, participant of the war in Afghanistan and the ATO, which last year was killed in the Luhansk region.

In addition, in Chernigov now appeared in the street Volunteers, the Defenders of Ukraine, and Voykova street named after Vyacheslav Chornovil.

According to the adviser of the Chairman of regional state administration on questions of decommunization Basil Chepurny, most discussions the Commission has caused the renaming of streets and Korotkova Bespalova, but they renamed.

«First I sent a telegram to the state emergency Committee «Believed, hoped, waited», and the second was the Secretary Koryukovskaya district Committee of the Communist party during the repression 30-ies», — he noted.

Now these streets will carry, respectively, the names of music artist Leonid Pashin and author of the spiritual hymn «great God, the only» Oleksandr konysky.

Chepurnoy noted that de-communization in terms of renaming of streets in Chernihiv completed within the time specified by law.

Recall, February 5, Chernihiv mayor Atroshenko pursuant to the law on decommunization signed a decree on renaming 59 streets and alleys of Chernigov.

Chernigov has completed the renaming of streets within the de — 20.02.2016

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