Channel Amazon Prime has started a new show Clarkson Grand Tour

On the online channel Amazon Prime appeared the first series of a new car show The Grand Tour with the infamous leading Jeremy Clarkson and his longtime friends and colleagues Richard Hammond and James may. Since epic dismissal Clarkson with «BBC» it’s been a year and a half, and now a popular TV presenter and his colleagues, who in solidarity left Top Gear with him, returned to the airwaves, writes gazetasi.

While legal preview show is available only for users of Amazon in several countries: UK, USA, Germany and Japan. But Amazon has promised that since December of this year, The Grand Tour will be available to audiences in 200 countries.
In the first episode the action takes place in Sunny California and drive test at the circuit three hybrid hypercar: the Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari, which cost about €1 million each, setting up a direct correlation between the speed of these machines and properties of Shoe soles, simultaneously releasing the severity on the verge of a foul. In the first of a series of elegantly played up the dismissal of Clarkson and «kill» three of the invited celebrities.

According to the announcement of the season, in these episodes, the car will start floating and sinking, flying and falling all at different points of the globe. Not only cars — everything that has wheels and a motor.

«We are going to travel the world like Gypsies» joke leading. — «The only difference is that our vehicles are insured».

Apparently, each episode someone from Trinity will be returning from the big trip home to Britain, where was a new track, called «Ebola-Drome» because it resembles the Ebola virus in form.

«The most dangerous track in the world, with animals and the home of the elderly lady nearby who loves cars,» describes his Clarkson.

Left show without the Studio: a huge tent was put directly in the California desert. Not moved from the Top Gear in The Grand Tour category «Star in a reasonably priced car» and never removes the helmet of the pilot of the Stig. Although a professional racer, at least in the first episode, there is a former Nascar pilot 59-year-old Mike Skinner.

Picture soundtracks, the script — all this seems to have become a little better than it was a year and a half ago, during the Top Gear.

It is not surprising that, unlike Top Gear which the BBC re-launched with other presenters, new show Clarkson and his friends created a furor. «Big tour» has not received any negative feedback neither from the audience nor from the critics.

«Dismissal «BBC» is the best thing that happened in the life of Clarkson and company,» writes The Sun.

On the background of The Grand Tour Top Gear Chris Evans (now retired from the show after one season leading — ed.) looks like a school project. «Benzingerode» can rejoice. A «force» we need to reflect on how Matt LeBlanc (the current Top Gear presenter — ed.) and whoever will join him next year, will be able to compete,» says The Telegraph.

The London Evening standard writes that a new creature Clarkson and company is the same Top Gear, the only money Amazon giving power, as the system of nitrous oxide.

«For those who have never been a fan of Clarkson, it hardly matters, but the first episode surely destroys the attempt to revive the BBC’s Top Gear» — the newspaper notes.

The Grand Tour really was incredible by the standards of the TV show funding. It is known that 36 episodes will be spent 250 million dollars that is about $ 7 million. to the series. The air force was allocated on an episode of Top Gear about 500 thousand dollars. It is not surprising that critics compare a TV show the show with a blockbuster.

«The scale of the staging, the filming, the epic review plans and pastiche from old movies — it seems that the show was aimed at big movie screen, not a TV or a smartphone, which I believe most will watch it — said the browser «BBC». Is something like a mix of «Mad max» and «easy rider». Maybe the small screen is just too small for Clarkson, Hammond and may’s, and from the Internet they have to go once in a great movie».

We will remind, presenter Jeremy Clarkson was suspended in the spring of 2015 because of the scandal perpetrated by them brawl with the producer of the program.

To prepare a new show Clarkson for TV Amazon became known in the fall of 2015.

Channel Amazon Prime has started a new show Clarkson Grand Tour 21.11.2016

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