Chaly told about the preparation of the meeting between Poroshenko and trump and the strategy of the newly elected President of the United States Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine in USA intends to organize a visit of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the US as early as possible, probably in February 2017, said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly.

«It is difficult to imagine the visits immediately after January 20, immediately after the inauguration, so this assignment was made in Kiev from the Ministry of foreign Affairs, from Bank, I have accepted… We try to carry out the visit as quickly as possible, if possible in February – it will be for us a great victory», — the Ambassador said at a briefing via Skype on Friday, November 18, in Kiev, transfers «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to the Ambassador, the organization of the visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States in February 2017 possible. «I’m not going to say in advance how realistic this is, but this is a very ambitious task — to do immediately after his inauguration in February, the President’s visit. But having previous experience … I can say that I do not consider this is not realistic,» — said Chaly.

However, the diplomat stressed that the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States – «after the networking to go on the agenda, to coordinate the actions» Ukraine and the United States as strategic partners.

Chaly also noted that President Poroshenko will not attend the inauguration of newly elected President Donald trump.

«The U.S. is not accepted the participation of heads of States in such activities, that is, they occur at the level of ambassadors, who are present at such events. It is the specificity that differs from our procedures,» — said Chaly.

According to Chaly, the strategy trump on foreign policy, in particular Ukraine, has not yet formed.

«What’s the problem? The problem is that the strategy of the United States in foreign policy and security was not clearly defined. I can tell you even more, and today I do not see such a medium-term and long-term strategies with respect to our region, Europe, and Ukraine», — said Chaly, reports UNIAN.

However, he said that the focus on individual personalities in the personnel is correct but not sufficient strategy.

«More importantly, what vision will form a new team, what steps will be taken in the coming periods,» he added.

«I think that it sounds often that comes more Pro team, to put it mildly, an exaggeration. Because really, personality is affected, starting with the President and his closest advisors, but there are common interests of the United States, there is a balance of the influence of different structures on decision-making. This Congress is and the intelligence community, it and defence structure», — said the diplomat.

«And when and now it’s done, the President-elect met with the real situation and establishing your first contacts, then that is what will affect the determination of such medium-term prospects», — said Chaly.

Thus he explained that he is more worried about the fact that information on the situation, for example, in the Crimea, «came precisely to those people who are affected by such decisions.»

Chaly also said that Ukraine in 2016 made the most financial aid from the United States for the entire period of the relationship, 658 million dollars.

«In 2016, we have achieved the highest over the entire period of our relations assistance to Ukraine, 658 million dollars, 355 million, inclusive in the sphere of security and defense», — said the Ambassador, reports «UKRINFORM».

In this Chaly said that about $ 150 million of these funds Ukrainian diplomats «left their feet».

«The meeting gave the result. We are grateful for this bipartisan support in Congress,» said the Ambassador.

The diplomat also noted that soon the United States will hold the adoption of the state budget for 2017, and he counts on the support of Ukraine.

We will remind, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, billionaire Donald trump has won 58-s US presidential election.

9 Nov Poroshenko congratulated trump and expressed hope that the assistance provided by American political forces to support Ukraine in fight against Russian aggression and in implementing reforms will continue.

November 15, Poroshenko spoke to Tampa on the phone and invited him to Ukraine.

Chaly told about the preparation of the meeting between Poroshenko and trump and the strategy of the newly elected President of the United States Ukraine 19.11.2016

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